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You’ve got the best of both worlds, @Susurrus! :grin: I left my eBook reader in the USA when I moved to Europe two years ago and I can’t wait to have it again! Never thought I would miss it, but they really are handy for keeping lots of books on hand :books::two_hearts:

Blessed reading! :open_book:


Another Great bit of info I found in my book that I’m reading…
A Banishing Beads Ritual
For this ritual, you’ll need: A blue ribbon, about 6" long 2 Mason jars A black ribbon, about 6" long A collection of small beads (enough to fill 1 Mason jar) A Mason jar full of moon water*

  1. Tie a blue ribbon around the mouth of one of the jars, and a black ribbon around the mouth of the other.
  2. Fill the jar with the blue ribbon with the beads. These beads represent your thoughts.
  3. When you’re having an anxious or intrusive thought, take a bead from the first jar and hold it, visualizing it being filled with all the negative energy coming from that thought.
  4. As you handle the bead, affirm its task as being a physical representation of that anxious thought.
  5. Take a deep breath in and, as you exhale, place the bead in the jar with the black ribbon. Tell yourself that you are choosing to put this thought down. It’s not gone, just shelved for now.
  6. Repeat this process until the jars are reversed (the black jar is full and the blue jar is empty).
  7. Once the black jar is full, pour in the moon water to cleanse your beads, drain that sucker, and begin again. *To collect moon water, leave a lidded jar of ingestible water outside somewhere the full moon will shine on it. The next morning, bring it out of the light and store it in a dark place until ready to use.
    From: Witchy Therapy By Mandi Em
    Pg #. 123-125

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


I love this ritual- from the beads, to banishing bad thoughts, to how sustainable it is (a spell with nothing that needs to be disposed of, everything can be reused over and over again)! Absolutely beautiful, thanks so much for sharing, @Rowan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Awesome, thanks for your review @Susurrus! And congrats on finishing The Morrigian :raised_hands: I’ll move this lovely review into the next Reader’s Review Discussion when it launches at the end of this book club session.

Until then, perhaps you have another book you’re excited about reading? :books::blush:


Yes! I am adding it to the Book Club now! I’m actually well into reading it already. :joy: I just hadn’t posted the review of the first book yet. :books:

The last week has been somewhat of a whirlwind that had it’s ups & downs & all around. Today is my first day to have for me, so I’m taking my time getting moving & enjoying my coffee :coffee:


Ohhh I see it in the list- hope you’re enjoying Raven Goddess, it sounds like a perfect book for you, Siofra! :heart:

I hope you were able to enjoy some quality “me time” too- happy reading! :books::blush:


I missed the last one but I’ve read a few books since then so I’ll review a couple this time.
A few quick thoughts on them:

“The Inner Mysteries” by Farrar & Bone - This book has a very interesting section on Wiccan cosmology and is a deeper look into the craft than a 101 book.

“Year of the Magickal Dragon” by Virginia Chandler - I actually bought this one because I loved the cover art but I ended up intrigued by dragon energies and am trying to work it into my practice.

“The Crooked Path” by Kelden - A few problems with misinformation and the general tone/agenda but the author makes a good point about local spirits and has a nice idea for using the besom.


Sounds like a good one @MeganB I love the idea of spiritual ancestors and connections to those who aren’t necessarily genetic ancestors but still deeply connected to us. Good luck with the hedgeriding, definitely seems like it will be a rewarding pursuit!


I just started a 3rd book & added it to the Wiki. :books: :two_hearts:


Haha :laughing: me too!!


@BryWisteria there’s no author from the book I’m using for the challenge. Is that ok? I’m using: The Witches Almanac; The Sun: Rays of Hope Issue 40


I suppose “The Witches’ Almanac” could technically serve as the “author” as it’s the name of the collection? But then again, if there’s no author, then there’s no author- it is what it is! :laughing: No worries there, Christina :grin:

Blessed reading! :open_book:


Ok thanks :relaxed:


Friendly reminder time!

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I hope everyone is enjoying their reading so far! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and learning about new books next week :books: :blush:

Happy reading and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


10/10- sounds like Witchcraft Therapy was a great read for you, @Rowan! :heart: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the quote as well- have to say I love any analogy that uses Mason jars as an example (and that’s such a perfect thing to use with witchcraft :grin:)

I’ll move this into its forever home in the official Review thread when it goes live tomorrow! Thanks again for sharing! :book::sparkles:


Today marks the end of this reading period!

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