📖 Spells8 Book Club XVII (Apr 29 - May 27)

My that sounds really great Muslim Witch, your offering is a honor to our beloved Queen and she’s probably so impressed with your offering! She is probably very happy with that sweet honey! She does like that honey. When at the crossroads once I made a bez wax lip balm to help my lips and honor her too. Cyndi also writes a book called, “Entering Hekate’s Garden” in the book there are many good recipes. Cyndi says that you can make it simple but to try to make a good one for our Lady. She addresses all the Magikal botanicals! She actually has a school to for witches that are called to Hekate and it is called Covina. Covina.com

At this time Hekate honors Brigid this is a time of year. Brighid is the Irish Goddess from the Celts and write know I am reading another book that helps me learn more about our lady Brigid. Her fire can help with gratitude and the hearth for the home.
Cyndi writes about Hekate’s epithets, May 9 is Hekate’s day!
Hekate’s monthly epithets can be honored bye making a powerful calendar that is an interactive Wheel of The Year stencil that I made to as well and is not finished yet but is in the working because I pay alot of attention to detail.
Cyndi suggests printing it out from the back of the book. I made a Wheel of The Year on a table to as well, and think I did posted it once. It has all of her epithets on it. I
I am learning more about her by connecting to the epithets. I have made my own invocations to her to be closer. Cyndi recommends doing this to get closer to her. She has many different energies to manifest and bring into your life for example know would be growth. in April she is recognized as Enodia and is recognized as guide. Then in May she is the Queen and is inspired by growth. She is the storm bringer and the guardian of children! After the veil thins and the nights get longer and she brings forth her torches when the darkness comes! I could go over all the epithets but if you get the book she says the most important person is you and the way to get to Hekate is to honor her by writing a chant or a invocation by writing about the storms of your life and ask for help. For me going to deity has not always been a cake walk it takes dedication. But know with a practice of ritual it should work. My goal is to write to her during the dark moon or the full moon to manifest the energy that I need and learn about her epithets. She recommends getting the Chaldean Oracles so I did get the book on audible and reading that too! lots of reading!

Cyndi also has lots of interactive ideas for example there is the Strophalos Symbol, and you can take some salt and draw it out with the salt! Salt is a crystal and a protective agent and by using the adding the symbol makes it very powerful! She says it does not need to be perfect. I did this once and used it under a full moon and it helped me draw such a more powerful invocation!
:rose:Hail Hekate
:pray: Thank you so much and with love and gratitude thank you for letting me share some wisdom I have learned through this wonderful book!

Jeannie :wolf:


Thank you and yes it was meant to be!


yes it makes working out the meaning so much easier without the thinking part


Wow! You are so dedicated to Hekate and love that you have so much information! Thanks for sharing the website i will be sure to check it out. As for myself, i already made a southern hemisphere wheel last year so i decided since i am still such a baby witch, i wrote the honey cake recipe in my grimoire. I will try to do something more for Hekate as i too heard she likes the best (sounds a little relatable) :blush:


This is very interesting to me. I know quite a few witches that honor Hecate & work with her. I also know witches that honor & work with Brighid (myself being one of them). I had no idea that the Greek & Celtic pantheons worked with each other. Although I can see where they would derive similarities & cross overs. Definitely something I would like to look into, especially where I work with the Celtic “Dark Goddess” the Morrigan.

I tried to find a cross-over for Hecate & the Morrigan, but it seems they share only a few similarities or qualities so wouldn’t be “the Greek version”. I am going to investigate this correlation with Brighid though! I’m so excited, but it may have to wait for a few. While learning about crystals, I started a book on understanding the main 7 (out of 114) chakras of the body. I actually work with 9 of them; 1 just above the head & 1 just below the feet… but I’m starting with the most common. My school has a class on chakra energy & working with crystals, but me being me… I want to know more & have a better understanding :laughing:

That being said, I have added a book to the book club! Chakras for Beginners. So far I like it & how it comes from both sides of the coin so to speak. :books:

@Nikita-mikaelson is the book The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick & Might? I have that book & I really liked it. I believe I did a review of it too. I also read the Pagan Portals series on the Morrigan by Morgan Daimler & there may be reviews on those in previous Book Clubs. Also very good. I have done a general information post in the forum


Yes what a charming book, I have worked with crystals but intertwining them with the chakras is definitely going to add some spice! Soifra I have a book that maybe similar! What’s your favorite thing about the book? What kind of energy work have you tried related to the chakra’:books:

Today I went to a Gem :gem: Fair and LOVE crystals myself! You may get grounded and aligned I’m sure and it would not hurt!
As far as Brigid Goes they have a lot in common. Hekate is known as the great mother that has many faces. She was worshipped by the Mediterranean people and the babylonians. I know she is connected to Persephone, and to Demeter and many more. Lady Brighid is connected to Demeter It was said she helped with getting rid of the miasma in the body.

Cyndi recommends is actually rituals for our beloved Queen
[ The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells: Texts Paperback](https:// The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells: Texts Paperback)
But the ancients they were from all over the place from different places and very diverse but yeah Hekate is the Greek mother Goddess!



Lmfao at least I’m not alone!


Book Title and Author: Chakras for Beginners: A Complete Guide About the 7 Chakras By: Leigh Cantrell

Status?: Finished

My overall rating of the book : 10 /10

How does this book relate to my magickal practice?:

  • I am an empath & have been taking crystal healing courses. Chakra energy was a class & they were touched upon, but I want to understand them if I am going to use their energy with crystal energies for healing & other energy work.

My personal thoughts/opinions:

  • Great beginner book with in depth information about each Chakra broken down easily.

An interesting quote from the book:

”…It’s best to maintain an open mind & rely on your own experiences.” (Pg: 214)

All in all, would I recommend this book?:

  • Yes, I would recommend it to someone interested in any capacity of the 7 (main) Chakras & their energies.

I’m still on the horned god thanks to lots of assessments from my studies :confused:


@TheMuslimWitch No worries and no rush, Khadija- take your time and enjoy your book! I hope your studies are going well too :blush::books:

Woohooo 10/10! :partying_face: Sounds like you found an awesome book, Siofra- and how cool that it ties in so well with your Empath abilities and crystal healing course :gem::sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on it! It sounds like a great resource for anyone interested in getting started with chakra work :blush:


As they say slow and steady wins the race (not that reading is a race lol), however as for the studies i better take a faster approach all these coffee outing with the hubby is too much fun as distracting so i better buckle down and study hard these next few days :nerd_face:


I’m with you there, @TheMuslimWitch- it’s certainly not a race, so feel free to take your time with your studies! The most important thing is that you enjoy them :blush::books: Happy reading! :sparkles: