📖 Spells8 Book Club XXXI (Sep 1 - 29)

Ohhhh look at that cover! :heart_eyes: :ocean: It’s caught my interest immediately- I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, Solasta!

And no worries about the deadline- it is totally fine to continue a book across reading sessions. Always better to enjoy reading rather than feel stressed about it! I hope you enjoy your book! :open_book: :blush: :heart:



Thank the gods, I’m still reading American Gods, but now Amazon are running the TV series Wheel of time, and it’s based on a book series :person_facepalming:, noooo. I’ve bought that now, must learn some discipline. :rofl:


Ohhhh I think we may have watched a few episodes of the first season of Wheel of Time on Amazon! Lots of fun magick, but I had a hard time following some of the plot haha. I imagine the book moves slower than the TV adaptation (they almost always do) so I figure it might be easier for me to read it first and then follow up with the show!

Did you buy the series or the books? Either way, can’t wait to hear what you think of them! (and if you see/read both, let me know how they compare!) :heart: :blush:


The books, I prefer books, but only the first few. Ive got too many books :joy::rofl::heartpulse:


No such thing as too many books, my friend :handshake: :wink: :heart: :books:

There is such a thing as too little space to store your books, or not enough money with which to buy the books- but I prefer to blame the space and the money rather than the books. They can do no wrong in my eyes :joy:

(Happy reading! :heart: :open_book: )


So true. :joy:

I think included with the space, is the weight. My bookshelf has about 200 books and is well over 200kg/440lb as a result. It’s… quite the thing.

As we’re going to be moving soon, I’m looking to donate some of my older fiction books and then just not buy them any more. It’s a little saddening because books in general work better for me – they’re one of the ways I can practice mindfulness as the whole physical feel of the paper, turning the page, and so on, really helps to ground me in the moment.

But I’m realising that they make us moving a bit more difficult. And with this changing world, we’re not sure how often and where we’ll move in the future.


Aww thanks bry! :kissing_heart: :hugs: I agree the cover got me too! :heart_eyes: :ocean:

Ohhh i too, have those first few books of Wheel of Time series, in my kindle!! :heart_eyes: :books: :face_holding_back_tears: I haven’t read them yet. I bought them recently. :heart: Judging by bry’s short description… i guess it’s gonna be too much magick & fun! :wink: :sparkles: I hope u enjoy your books tracy! :hugs: :pink_heart: Aaand…

Oh my goodness. My lovely fairy, you have spoken my heart out!! :face_holding_back_tears: :books: :cupid: Books are Infinity… :wink: :innocent: :open_book: :magic_wand: :infinity:

Blessed be sweet witches! :woman_mage:t2: :silver_heart:


Cheers to that! :raised_hands: :heart: :books: :blush:

Much love and many blessings to you too, Solasta! :two_hearts:


@Solasta_Amore Perhaps once I finish American Gods, (which will be soon, it’s getting good, really good, I’m in the car with Shadow and Wednesday on the roadtrip), we can read Wheel of Time book one, in this challenge and compare :person_shrugging:, it’s magical :magic_wand: Big hugs lovely :sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:


Yess! Cheers to all the beautiful and magical books! :heart: :books: :dizzy: :grin:

Blessings to you too my sweet Bry :hugs: :pink_heart:
Have a very merry and blessed sabbat today my heart :silver_heart: :hearts: :pentacle_tarot:


Aww that’s such a great idea, my love. :kissing_heart: :books: :sparkles: And by the way i absolutely loove that chapter name you just described about your book - American Gods! :astonished: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face:
Blessed Reading & Blessed Sabbat, Tracy! :heartpulse: :open_book: :sparkling_heart: :people_hugging:


The book I’m reading, Witchcraft Unchained, has been put on hold. I got the physical copy in the mail because the electronic copy was difficult to read – ADHD brain and all – but things are too busy at my house to sit down and read a book right now :joy: so I’ll continue it into next book club.

If it came in audio format, that would be awesome! @tracyS set me onto American Gods. I’ve always wanted to read the book, and I found it as an audiobook through my library, so that’s what I’ve been listening to lately! I’m only on chapter two so far. I can’t listen to it and work at the same time because I can’t read with my eyes and listen with my ears at the same time :joy: so it’ll take a bit, but it’s pretty good so far! I’m already picking out the little details and hints for who is who in the book.


@MeganB I hope you enjoy it. I certainly am, it’s like meandering across America with the gods. It’s kind of a surreal journey, I haven’t figured out the plot yet, or even if it’s necessary, it’s just a journey. Quite unique in its writing, probably why it’s listed as a classic, it’s timeless. :heartpulse:


@Solasta_Amore Thank you so much, Solasta- same to you! :heart: Hope you had a lovely Sabbat :sun: :blush:

@MeganB No worries, books are very patient! Witchcraft Unchained will be there ready for you whenever the time is right :blush: In the meantime, I hope you enjoy American Gods! :sparkles:


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: The current reading period will conclude at the end of this week (Friday, September 29) :grey_exclamation:

A Reader’s Review post will appear in the forums at that time for everyone to share their thoughts and hear all about what your fellow coven members have been reading.

I hope everyone is enjoying their reading so far! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and learning about new books :open_book: :sparkles:

Happy reading and blessed be! :books:


You’re right, books are very patient! :blush: I’m excited to read it when I’ve got the chance. Listening to a book is much easier :joy: and I’m enjoying American Gods very much!


:smiling_face: :kissing_heart: :hugs: :heart:

@MeganB happy reading, my sweetest friend! :kissing_heart: :books:


Hooray! Hope it continues to be a fun read/listen for you- enjoy! :open_book: :sparkles: :grinning:


Today marks the end of this reading period!

A discussion will soon open up in the forum for everyone to share their thoughts and swap book reviews :open_book:

Please keep an eye on the forums for the soon-to-appear post! :eyes:

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Didn’t finish your book or just got started ? No worries!

Feel free to share your thoughts so far and chime in on the reviews that your fellow coven members have shared. You may find a recommendation for a new book! :open_book:

After a one-week review period, the next reading session will begin: Next Friday, October 6th . Feel free to continue reading your current book into the next session or start a brand new book at that time!

Happy reading and reviewing! :books::blush:


This reading session has closed- thank you to everyone who joined in! If you have a book review or comments to share, please do so in the open Reader’s Review post in the Activities Category