Spirit guides move things?

I have a sort of silly but not question. I am now missing two bongs. Yes I’m sorry if it’s not allowed? I will take down if bong is offensive.
Anyways, two separate occasions my bong went missing. There is only one other person in this house and he doesn’t touch my bad habits. None one that I know of would have the balls to come in when no one home with neighbors out all the time to take that? Is strange. Now I can’t totally say 100% that someone I know around here didn’t do it. But the two people it only could have swear it wasn’t them… so my question is can my spirit guide take them to get me to stop participating in bong activity?? Divine intervention??? I’m at a loss.


I’ve heard, “The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.” You’ll have to update and let us know what you learn! :slight_smile:


Wasn’t me :smirk:


Hi @shannon44,

You’re very thoughtful to ask- thank you for thinking of others! :heart: A bong on its own is just a tool (that, in some cases, is used as part of herbal practices), and as there is currently no mention of nor discussion about any Mature Topics (that would require some additional heads up to let folks know about what to expect), I think it is fine as is.

Thank you again for checking in about it- it really is appreciated! :pray:

When asked is it possible for a spirit guide to move objects - I would say yes, it’s possible! The divine can intervene in our lives in many ways (or arrange for others to intervene).

I would personally do exactly what you’ve already been doing- working through the mundane explanations first to rule out those possibilities. If you go through the list and all you have left is spiritual intervention in one form or another, then I’d say there you have your answer!

One (not so pleasant) way to tell for sure is, if it is divine intervention, and the subtle signs and pushes are ignored- They will get the message across in stronger, possibly more drastic ways. In my experience, if someone is truly meant to do something (or not do something), the divine will do whatever it takes, nice or harsh, short or long term, to make what needs to happen come about.

There’s an easier (and more pleasant!) way to check, though- do you have a favorite method of divination? Open the spiritual door and check in with your guides. You can always ask them about their intentions (and if they are intervening here or not) :grinning: :+1:

Whatever you choose to do from here, I’m wishing you all the best, Shannon- blessed be! :heart: