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Hi everyone!
I just meditated to get a message from my spirit guide(s). First time. As I was meditating I was thinking (well my ego was. actually): I am too down to earth for this, I won’t receive anything.
But I kept pushing that thought away and suddenly I saw a tigerlily in my mind :exploding_head:. It was light pink with a deep red heart.
Now, I’m not really into flowers and tigerlilies are not my favorite if I had to choose. But anyway, I looked up the meaning and this was what I could find online
“If you have chosen the tiger lily, it indicates that you may let more joy and cheerfulness into your life.” That is a great advice and I do agree with it. But how do I do that? At the moment I have some health issues and I am in the middle of the menopause with all the discomforts you can think of. Belcause of that I don’t always feel great… So what to do, what to do :wink:.
And I would really know your thougths about the meaning of the tigerlily vision.




I’m so glad you received a message from your spirit guides while meditating. This sounds like a big step through a new doorway, you are on a new path. I would suggest that you continue meditating. I think more messages will come to you!

I did a quick search on Tiger Lily for you! They are beautiful!

Tiger Lily Image Credit

Spiritual Healing Properties of Tiger Lily

A Tiger Lily is used for setting protective boundaries. It helps you connect spiritually to yourself and find your inner strength. Once connected, you can set your protective boundaries and stand firmly within the protected sphere.

Tiger Lilies help with the acceptance of new ideas and concepts. It also helps with emotional release. You can break away from unhelpful or negative beliefs and patterns that you grew up with, or that have been passed down through generations. It allows you to think in broader terms and concepts and see the value of new ideas.
~Belief Net, by Terezia Farkas


Congrats on your successful meditation, Martine! :heart: It sounds like a really lovely flower found her way to you :hibiscus: :blush:

You’ve got some lovely information and I see that Marsha also kindly shared some helpful knowledge about this flower!

If I can share my personal correspondences with tiger lily, I’d say that I see them as a flower of great strength- both inside and out :muscle: They tend to be pretty hardy and when they bloom they attract a lot of admirers and attention. They have strong feminine energy and are, as their name suggests, associated with the feline grace and elegance of tigers :tiger:

Tiger lilies are a beautiful display of color and strength in the garden, but they only bloom for one day before fading. They are a gentle and beautiful reminder to appreciate what we have while we have it- as nothing lasts forever. But although each blossom only lasts for a moment, the plant itself often grows in large bunches, bringing a lot of happiness and beauty into the space.

You might not have to do anything with this information- sometimes a visit or a message isn’t a call to action so much as a show of support :handshake: :blush: The tiger lily may have come to you to remind you that you are a very strong woman, inside and out. No matter what you are going through at this time you will prevail- so remember to appreciate those moments of good energy when you feel that you are blooming :hibiscus:

Much love and many blessings to you, Martine! :heart:


@marsha Wow that is spot on! This confirms that I am doing the right thing by ignoring my ego and choose to believe! Also, I did choose a different path (the one of witchcraft) and this also tells me, just like it states in your message, I made a wise decision!
Funny thing, my day is going great. No traffic issues, things I have to buy are for sale. I was walking in a forest and I was hoping for a bench because I wanted to sit and eat and within 5 minutes there was a bench. So I’ll just keep following thing path! Thank you for your advice and wisdom!


Thank you for these kind words!
I tend to only notice the less pleasant things. But life is indeed full of little gifts if you only want to see them. I already told Marsha that I’m having a very good day: little hassle in traffic, things I want to buy are discounted. When I was walking this morning I wanted to sit down and hoped that I would soon come across a bench in the woods and within 5 minutes I came across one. I feel like I’ve made a shift since last night and that indeed I don’t have to do much myself. Just let everything come to me and enjoy it!


Beautifully said! :blush:

It sounds like the tiger lilly’s message was indeed a positive one for you- may there be more happy things coming your way! :heart::bouquet:

Blessed be!