Spirits possession.... Pros and cons

Good evening everyone,

I have done morning devotion today and I was asked by mom to take caution. It’s not that she doesn’t agree with my witchy practices. She even bought me some seashells today and she will give my first sets of Crystals soon. The fact is that I am a newbie and I am not a fan when practicionner loses their state of consciousness. I don’t want to be mount by any spirit nor one I am devoted to. I prefer signs, clear dreams or intuitive psychic skills. I know that we have to use rhythm while or after inviting Deities or spirits around the circle. I have a tchatcha and I also used chants with records to bring energy. But I was a little scared because I am not used to invocation and I don’t know if it’s a must that spirits mount their servants.

If anyone knows any facts about

How to serve well or call these Deities or Loas? Please share… What can I do to share a connection without having me getting too deep like being mount or traveling into another realms?

Deity Selene
Deity Demeter and Ceres

One last question: I have pulled Ace of spade and nine of spade … two cards for Accident and death. I am scared. If my sorority or brother practitioners could help me see through. I need an urgent answer. What will soon happen in my home? With whom and what it is exactly and with who?

Blessed be​:fire::fire::fire:


Hello @SingingWitch ! The basic thing to start out with is continue practicing casting circle. When you can do this well all the improper energies and spirits will remain safely away from you and all the proper energies you raise and only spirits you invite will be with you. You can just practice casting circle on it’s own until you are comfortable that you’ve really gotten good at it.

Then begin approaching deity slowly through things like daily prayer and daily offerings. The offerings needn’t be extravagant, a small bowl of fresh water and some incense that corresponds to whoever you are calling to. Many have more specific desires but even the gesture of rubbing one’s hands together and offering the heat it generates to them can be effective. You basically want to build a positive relationship like you would with anyone before you start asking them for assistance.

Next important point I would stress is do not approach deity as their servant. You are not. You are in control of your body, your life. Make your boundaries clear and well known. Speak to them and they will respect your boundaries. Conversely, don’t approach them as if they were your servant either. Mutual respect. Work with them, not for them. Down the road they may ask something of you and that will be yours to decide, keep your boundaries.

Additionally if you would like a reading suggestion on banishing and staying safe as you get deeper into your practice I can highly recommend “Protection and Reversal Magic” by Jason Miller. There is a banishing ritual in there that I have personally used and found incredibly effective at shutting everything out when you want to.

Hope that makes some sense and is helpful. I can’t speak to any specific deity or traditions you may be exploring but these are my thoughts from my perspective. You will do well, just take your time, be mindful and engage your practice a positive loving attitude knowing in magic that “like attracts like.”

Oh and as to the cards, something to consider is that a death symbol could be the end of something negative and thus be a positive turn of events and an accident could be an unintended or unexpected result that also brings positive change.


@Valen Thank you so much… you’re right. It is up to us to lead a connection or the boundaries of a connection. I am more confident now in my future dialogue with entities.

For the cards, It relieves me that they are not showing a bad thing. As you said it might be something good coming for me. I would like that. Thank you again… Blessed be! And nice to meet you​:pray::pray::pray: