Spiritual Aura Cleansing and Energy Protection

I was feeling really off, out of sorts and even rather blocked after going to an event yesterday and I came across this YouTube which helped me feel immensely better. Kyle Gray is the creator of more than one deck of oracle cards including Angels and Ancestors (which I have!) and sees angels regularly. In this video he takes you through how to cleanse your aura of all the bad energy, affirm yourself, and protect yourself.


Hee! I can’t remember to cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face much less my aura. Thanks for the link, it was interesting. And I love his accent!


Thank you for sharing this @MoonGoddess this was something I truly needed today. :innocent: I use his Angel Oracle Cards every day. Today’s was Composure.


I’m so glad it helped! :slight_smile:

I love the deck I have from him! I feel a genuine strong connection with it. I’ll have to look into getting his Angel deck too!