Spiritual Detox Bath for the Waning Moon 🌘

The Waning Moon is ever present and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the need to clear away some negative juju. My head is feeling super clogged up, my migraines are awful and the sudden cold in the air is making me want to curl up into a little ball. Anything weird going on with the planets @Abs53 or is it just me? :sweat_smile:
Anyway I went back over my little motivation booster and figured this time I need something a little more relaxing.
Must learn to ramble less. Here’s my bath :joy:

  • Black candle to absorb negative energy :black_heart:
  • White candle for healing and protection :white_heart:
  • Salt :salt:
  • Cup of vinegar (e.g. white wine, rice, distilled or apple cider vinegar - whichever smells right to you, your body just kind of knows :woman_shrugging:t3:)
  • Few drops of essential oil (Lavender is a good option here but again, trust your nose- if something smells particularly attractive today it may be that your body needs it… I was about to add lavender and was suddenly drawn to grapefruit. No regrets.) :herb:
  • Optional flower petals/leaves because I needs my earth elements :joy: (I added some sunflower petals for happiness. It’s also Sunday and just felt right.) :sunflower:

Have a quick shower first so you’re clean for your bath.
Light your candles, :candle: run a warm bath, :bathtub: remove any jewellery! :ring:
Add your ingredients and hop on in.

Relax and soak for ideally as long as it takes for the water to reach body temperature.

Lie back in the bath and take several slow, deep breaths.

Inhale positivity and love from the white candle, visualise this energy coming to you as a rushing white light pouring into your body.

As you exhale, imagine a swirling dark smoke pouring from your mouth/nose/pores and into the black candle, it absorbs all of your negativity, pain, stress and worries.

As you lie in your bath the dark smoke becomes lighter and lighter with each exhale until eventually all is white and bright around you.

Something I did which added a wonderful element was allow my arms to float on the surface of the water with my fingers pointing towards the candles. I turned my left palm up to receive energy from the white candle and my right palm down to send energy through my fingertips to the black candle.

When you’ve finished your bath air dry or pat dry lightly with a towel.
Snuff out your white candle and thank it for recharging you with positivity.
Blow/snuff out your black candle and thank it for taking away your negativity. Cleanse it before next use.

Try not to rinse or scrub your skin so it can absorb the goodness of the bath. You won’t smell weird. Promise. :heart:


This looks lovely! I bet it smells great too!


I felt relaxed just by reading it! :smiley: I feel it would be really powerful with some relaxing music too!

Thanks for sharing!!


This is gorgeous, @LimeBerry- I love your bath rituals! :bathtub::sparkles: Sorry to hear you’ve got some bad juju lately, the changing seasons always make me feel pretty funky too! I hope this lovely bath helped- it certainly sounds relaxing and soothing! :heart:


Ooh it’s definitely time to do this one again!


Oh @Limeberry this sounds lovely. I have been manic about trying to get my yard work done and I have been reminded daily with stiff and sore muscles that I am no longer as youthful as I used to be… today I have yoga in the morning (and that always helps)… but this… this will pull me through the day… the big treat to myself for a job well done… THANK YOU for sharing the love.