Spiritual emergency kit

Recently @starborn posted about emergency preparedness. Somewhere along the lines we spoke about a spiritual emergency kit. What would you put in your kit?

So far I have:

  • Incense
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Salt?
  • Crystals?

For me, it’s:

  • Altar tiles or offering plates/bowls/censers for main spirits
  • Main crystal for important things
  • Intenionted jewellery, whether that’s because it’s dedicated to a purpose or spirit
  • Book of Shadows, although keeping it safe might be a challenge

Basically, I aim for key things that aren’t consumable since emergencies put us in situations where conditions aren’t guaranteed. Candles and incense aren’t useful in many weather conditions, for example. A lighter or matches might need to be conserved for more important purposes, such as being able to prepare food. I’m not sure how much I could carry and for how long, so I have to be a bit conservative here. :sweat_smile:

If I have space, I would add:

  • Tarot deck
  • Spell bags or jars that might make life in emergency conditions easier

Thank you! :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:


For me, it’s

  1. Candles :purple_spell_candle:
  2. Lighter :fire:
  3. Tarot cards :pentacle_tarot:
    :witch_pentacle: :hearts: :revolving_hearts: :silver_heart:

You know this is a really smart idea… I mean people prepare for emergencies with, food, shelters, first aid kits, fire emergency kits, even religious kits that will be readily available to grab in case of an emergency, so why not an emergency kit? I mean i did once make a travel kit which had one white candle, one black candle, a lighter, a mini athame, a mini selenite crystal s a wand, a mini cloth for a altar base, incense, quartz crystal (as they are so versatile), and mini tarot cards…
I think if it were to be an emergency, i would go grab this… :blush:


I have a small whicker box, this is for when I go to a cemetery but it would be what I would take in an emergency. It has my runes, matches, tealights, a waterproof photo of Loki, a gift from my mother, a box of incense, a scarf, a compas, a small bowl, a clear quartz crystal, and a small bell. :sparkling_heart:


Interesting topic @Sivonnah :hugs:
I only need 2 things: a bottle of Rose Essential Oil and a citrine crystal!
:heart: :yellow_heart: :dizzy:


Ohhh good question!

I would probably put:

  • Calendula balm
  • Dried sage
  • Sea Salt
  • Small beeswax candle
  • Protective amulet

:warning: :spell_pouch: :sparkles:


Hey @starborn :sparkling_heart: I was just curious what the word intenionted means?


I just meant jewellery already given an intention or purpose. For example, a piece dedicated to a deity, or something more general like protection or healing, or even something more specific. :smile:


Thank you all! You all have such great ideas!

I’m thinking of making a protection spray to add. I was thinking my purpose of this would be if you felt a harmful entity or felt your home or space was being attacked or invaded.


I would have:

An ankh :ankh:
A Wedjat :eye_of_horus:
A photo of Osiris, Isis and Horus
Vial of my deity blessing oil


Ahhh okay I see what you mean now :+1: I like that word :grin: :purple_heart: :black_heart:


Oh… this post reminds me that I never made my morning basket for daily practice :sweat_smile: my spiritual emergency kit would probably include a journal, a divination method, a pen, and my Brighid prayer beads :heart:


Wow, Its nice to know we all have one or will have one.

I have my:
Tiny Ankh
Hectate necklace or moon phase necklace
(Which ever I am wearing that day).
Small Favorite crystal
2 Tea lights
Small sage bundle
Small Picture or Papa Legba
Alter cloth

All in my small gris gris bag.

Sometimes I feel this small bag falls to the bottom of my purse. Bit i always know its there.
Blessed :honeybee: my witchy family.


That is a great place to put everything, mind if I borrow that idea and transfer mine from my whicker box to a gris gris bag :sparkling_heart: Id have to modify my contents but that’d still work.


Go right ahead @tracyS . Have fun with it. I was able to find all my stuff mini size so i can put it in a bag about the size of my hand.

I can fold up my pics and I have at least the bare minimal and can do what I have to at any time.

I also keep a small BOS in my bag. Its small but has a good amount of spells in it. I found the samll journal book on amazon.

Blessed :honeybee:


This is the book I carry with me. I just needed somethin to have my favorite spells in to carry with me.

I love this emergency kit. Never thought to call it this but thats exactly what it is. :smile::two_hearts:
Blessed :honeybee:

Knibeo Mushroom Journal Notebook - Mushroom Gifts, Witch Journal, Celestial Journal, 5.5×8.3 Inch Luna Moth Spiral Bound Notebook https://a.co/d/ekt9br5


@Stormii Thankyou, this is lovely. I’ve saved the book in my Amazon cart. Blessed be :green_heart:


Your welcome
Blessed soul. Have fun.