Spiritual Transformation - 9 Signs You're Evolving

So I first found Loner Wolf when I was looking for guidance on finding my spirit animal as they have a whole bunch of quizzes available:

But in their newsletter today, they shared a post that really spoke to me:

Spiritual Transformation: 9 Signs You’re Evolving.

I’ve mentioned before that I was struggling to make a space for my practice in my life recently and I realize now, it was more so transformation time. I was focusing on letting go and working through trauma during that time. I feel like my practice didn’t fit in (it easily could have, I just chose not to) because I wanted to clear out all the crap that no longer served me. And I guess I think I separated the two - the old me that wasn’t really spiritual and not very accepting of my magick and the new me that I was clearing the path for.

While I don’t feel like I have everything figured out, I’m enjoying letting go more and watching old parts of me die off. It truly is very transformative and this post helped me feel like all of that sometimes painful work is worth it.

Just wanted to share this for anyone else going through a transformation :sparkling_heart: Hopefully this helps you as well!


Even with all the pain, it’s a beautiful thing to go through :heart_on_fire:


SO true! Doesn’t always feel that way at first, but at the end, it really is amazing.


Thank you for sharing that article - it was really interesting to read about different experiences with spiritual transformation. I’m not sure if I’ve recognized all of those within me, but I can definitely tell you that I’ve seen some. They’re right - it’s all a cycle, just like nature!


I think this all the time about Shadow Work- there are some parts of the Craft and some moments in our journeys that are really really tough work, but they really do pay off!

I’m so happy for you that you’re going through a positive transformation. It’s kind of like getting a haircut in a sense- snipping away what is dead and done leaves you feeling so free and renewed! :fire: :blush: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing the article, @Aurora_Hestia- wishing you all the best! :heart:


Transformation is hard work! Once you realize what’s going on (usually WAY into the process), it’s easier to give yourself grace and grow! Important work takes time and courage! This was a great article!


I went thru mines a few months ago and did not realize what I was going thru and then a good friend of mines told me. It was very painful but once I got thru it it was such a release. Still working on doing Shadow Work, I have finally started it and it is helping but sometimes it is too much lol.