Stalker Tarot Card

I use the Robin Wood Tarot deck and I have a stalker card, the Two of Swords. I know that it’s about a precarious balance and the choice of a lesser of two evils. It can also mean the seeker, me, has the knowledge to make the best of the situation and can come out on top.

I think I’m doing good though, I had a real problem with depression in June but I’ve pulled myself out of it with medicines, counseling, and partially the feeling of community that I’ve found here. Things are going pretty well right now.

So any ideas why I’m still getting this card?


Congrats on your progress! I’m glad that you feel comfortable here!! :smiley:

The Two of Swords is typically about decisions or feeling bound until the decision is made.


However it can also be about not having to decide.

For example, having two sides pulling or pushing in equal measures like a forced stalemate.

So this sort of “forced calm” means that nothing dramatic is going to be happening any time soon. You’ve got some breathing space to figure out your next move without the need for rash decisions.

Having said this, if the card keeps showing up even after things have changed, check if the position where it falls has changed. I would also give the deck a rest and meditate on it. Or focus on the 2 of swords, give it more attention and more thinking.


if it makes you feel any better, My s/o and I are chased by the entire suit of cups hahaha we pull them constantly


Well, you see I’m just learning. I’m feeling confident enough to pull two cards a day and am working my way up to three. So I can do an Energy/Opposition/Advice reading. I may start that today so I have an idea where this card pops up when it comes up again.

I like the idea of forced calm, that seems right for yesterday. I think I may need to research this card more, get some more meanings to it rather than just the book that I got along with the tarot cards.

Thanks for the advice @Francisco! I appreciate you! :grinning:


Heh. @Trey I think everyone has a stalker card at some point in time. I wouldn’t mind being stalked with the Ten of Cups though, that card always makes me smile.

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LOL Ten of cups all the way! :raised_hands:

And the whole Cups suit is about are emotions, feelings & love! Sounds like a great sign for you and your partner!

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That sounds good! I would do that as well!

A website that I like for extended meanings and interpretations is Truly Teach Me Tarot


Thanks for the link. I tried Tarot, Tea and Me but it’s a difficult forum to get around, not at all like this one. You’ve really got Spells8 set up nicely for us newbies.