Sticky Kiss Spell Question 2

Okay so it’s been 5 days since I performed the Sticky Kiss spell and I went to burn it tonight. The problem is that the paper wouldn’t burn because of the hunny, parts of it did but not the whole paper. I’m not sure if this means my spell didn’t work or if I should try again on a different night? I burned what I could and threw the rest in the trash w the ziplock bag.


It’s understandable that the whole thing didn’t burn. It doesn’t mean that the spell won’t work. You can throw the remains away as you say thanks.

If you want to send some extra energy just in case, simply burn another candle :candle: on your altar as you keep visualizing your intention.

The best way to burn a paper or something else is in a hearth (fireplace) or a firepit where there is an actual fire going on. So you can just throw it in.

If you don’t have access to one, get a cauldron or any medium-size fireproof container and use charcoal discs. Another option is to use tongs to hold the paper over a small candle on a safe container.

Always be very careful! The safest surfaces for burning indoors are a metal kitchen sink or inside the oven.