Sticky Kiss Spell Question

So I wanted to do something a bit challenging last night due to the new Moon, and tried a Sticky Kiss Spell. During the end-ish part of the spell I was interrupted by someone. I finished the spell but I accidentally messed up my spiritual circle because I forgot to make the door to leave. I did all of the steps and made sure to clean up after, but I woke up today to see my bed with leaked honey on it? I put the paper in a ziplock bag and put it under my pillow. I’m pretty sure its just the ziplock bag but I wanna be certain that this isn’t a sign given the circumstances. The honey covers the entirety of the paper now from me sleeping on it, but other then a little honey leaking everything seems to be just fine and I had a love song stuck in my head earlier while I cleaning the honey up but again not sure if its just me. I have confidence that it worked but I’m not sure which signs mean what.


This is a great opportunity to exercise your intuition. Usually in the beginning it’s hard to distinguish between a sign and just overthinking.

It’s hard for us to tell you what you did because we weren’t there. But you could try something concrete like some form of divination (interpreting your dreams, an Oracle or Tarot spread, pendulum, etc). Or just meditate on it.

When in doubt, follow your intuition. If the universe is trying to tell you something important it will make sure you receive the message. Keep listening and if you really feel like it’s a sign then it probably is.

About the circle casting, I’d say you wait to see results and if nothing happened, try again. You’ll have more confidence and it will go smoothly.


I definitely agree with what @Francisco said here.

Sometimes a leaking Ziploc bag is just that, especially since you slept on it and it is possible that it got squished a bit.