Stinging Nettle for Hair Care?

@Susurrus the hair rinse is made with rose, calendula, and Jasmine. And steep it as u would a tea.


Ok, I had to watch the video figuring I would poo poo it… but I have to admit by the end, I was thinking, you know… I could make some of this tomorrow and try it! :laughing:


Interesting- I have flax seeds in a sleep pillow somewhere, but I’ve never used them for hair care, that’s creative! :grinning: The leave-in treatment would take some getting used to because I’ve never done it before (I’ve only tried dry shampoo before and it unfortunately didn’t seem to work too well for me :sweat_smile:) but it sounds really interesting!

Thank you, Megan- I’m going to look into this! :eyes::sparkles:

This sums it up so well! There really is a huge amount of freedom in making your own beauty products, and it’s so secure to know exactly what is in them and where the ingredients came from. Making your own products is very empowering! :muscle:

Thank you so much for the recommendations- I’ve seen Xanthan Gum mentioned in a few recipes, but I didn’t know that Grapefruit Seed can help with preservation, that’s awesome to know! Thank you so much, Aurora! :pray: :heart:

Interesting! May I ask if it is it a leave-in product, or more like a secondary shampoo that is used and then washed out? Sounds neat! :grinning:


It’s a leave-in; so you do your thing with your hair then use this as a rinse afterward then dry your hair.

Steep the botanicals for about 10 minutes. In a ritual bath or shower allow the rinse to wash over your hair, calling in the magic of the 3 flowers:

  • Calendula - allow its energy to move a stagnant flow
  • Jasmine - to attract love
  • Rose - for self-love
    → I summarized the blurbs of the flowers :face_with_hand_over_mouth: for the qualities being called on for it.

I’m not sure if there is more to it & as far as a suggested bath/shower or any other information about benefits for your hair. When I receive the box I will see what it says because it says it’s a Botanical Rinse Spell for your hair & those usually come with a card of information to go with it. I’d imagine it smells wonderful though! I love the scent of all 3 flowers! :bouquet:


I had the same feeling when I watched it. The consistency is questionable but it looks like it works pretty well! I don’t know if I could do it myself but I’d love to see your results if you give it a shot.

You’re welcome! :blush: I’m not sure I could get past the consistency. I don’t like putting much of anything in my hair, and this looks like it feels just really gross on your hands lol but maybe it’ll help you!


Thank you, Siofra! :heart: Looking at the recipe it sounds really neat- and I’m always a fan of having magick written right into the beauty recipe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It does look pretty oozy and goozy haha! That being said, I’ve managed to eat some pretty odd things with rather… unpleasant textures over the years, so putting it on my hair (as opposed to in my mouth) probably wouldn’t bother me all that much lol :joy:

But I guess the only way to find out is to try! I think I know where I can get flax seeds in bulk in the US- I’ll try to remember to order a batch when I’m State-side again. Should be a fun experiment! :laughing: :+1:

Thanks again for sharing the recipe video! :sparkles:


I guess that’s right :laughing: maybe I’ll give it a shot one day. I’ve never used flaxseed – I have chia seeds but not flax :joy:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry this was a fun read! I have thought about making a natural shampoo using castile soap, coconut milk (?) and oils. I use stinging nettle internally as a kidney tonic support - I’ve never had the tea, but if it smells anything like the tincture, I don’t think I could drink it.

While I was looking for recipes, the majority of them called for something I couldn’t even pronounce, then there was Xantham gum, and a few mentioned glycerine, arrowroot or cornstarch. I like arrowroot in a dry shampoo mix for freshening to skip a hair wash. Curious to see what you end up with.

As for the Castile soap - in my complete inexperience, I used it on my hair straight a number of years ago…of course the result was hideous! :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:


As crazy as it sounds, I’ve found bags of flaxseed at Walmart. I think it varies by city and even by neighborhood, but they carry it in their store brand - Great Value.

I bought mine for a middle eastern flatbread recipe a couple months ago.


So many seeds out there! I’ve been seeing more and more chia foods in the store- chia seems to be getting popular (or it’s always been popular and I just never noticed :laughing: )

Back in the day, the only chia I remembering seeing was those cute little chia pets with the grass hair :potted_plant: :joy:

The tea isn’t that bad taste-wise, or at least it shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as the tincture- tinctures often have alcohol (or another strong base) and can thus pack quite a punch to your taste buds :sweat_smile:

Honestly, compared to some of the other herbal teas blend on my shelf, the nettle is one of the more pleasant-tasting ones! It’s got a light, earthy flavor- kind of like green tea in some ways? If you’re curious, I recommend giving it a try!

(It’s also tasty sauteed in butter :fried_egg: :herb: :yum:)

Choices, choices- these all seem like good options for consistency! Thanks, Lisa! :pray: :heart:

Oh! :grinning: I was planning on trying to order it from an herbal food wholesaler on the Cape, but Walmart is closer (and cheaper!)- I’ll have to check it out when I’m in the US! No Walmart here in the EU, I’m afraid. It’s like an urban American legend here- people have been surprised when I told them that Walmart was a real place (and that it’s just as wild as the stories make it out to be) :laughing:

Thank you for the tip, @Artemisia! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


haha me too! :rofl: I think I’ll try flax seeds when I run out of chia seeds. I add them to my smoothies to get my omega-3s since I don’t eat fish or take a fish oil supplement. Plus, when they sit long enough, they give the smoothie a thicker consistency! One day I’m gonna try chia pudding…but the texture looks like tapioca and I don’t think I could do that :joy:


@MeganB Chia seeds sound like a super power! :muscle: :grinning: Hahaha I’ve seen chia pudding in stores and it reminds me too much of frog eggs- it’s one of the few texture things that freaks me out too much to try and eat it :frog::joy:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Oh gosh :laughing: I don’t blame you with that! May we never have to eat something like that – yuck! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahahaha so mote it be! :laughing: :pray: