Stonehenge Summer Solstice Celebrations Canceled... Take a Virtual Tour!

Summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge will not take place this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

English Heritage, the organization which manages the site in Wiltshire, southwestern England, has said it will instead live stream the event, which is of spiritual significance to many pagans and druids.


More information here: CNN

Virtual Tour in Real Time

Personally I like this website for an amazing view of the site live.

This is what it looks like right now:


At summer solstice (June 21), an observer standing within the stone circle, looking northeast through the entrance, would see the Sun rise in the approximate direction of the heel stone. :sunny:


I just posted a couple of books on the History of Stonehenge. I love to watch the online celebrations. Thank you @Francisco I will surely watch this!

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