Stones for birth

Hey friends,

My sister is getting ready to deliver baby #3 and, after 2 really hard, complicated births, she’s super anxious. This sweet baby was a joyous surprise, but this pregnancy has already been complicated and baby is going to have to be delivered at 33-36 weeks.

I’d like to send my sister a stone or two or something for confidence and anxiety and to remind her to trust her body. She’s a witch too, so she’ll get the meaning. I want to maybe out together a small jar or even just a few stones in a bag that she can keep neat, but won’t get in the way.

Any suggestions? I have some amethysts already.

I’m so excited to meet this sweet nephew!


First stone that came to mind was Moon Stone. It’s for family, connects to the divine feminine. I feel it would be a good stone to start with.

Hope that helps
‘Moonstone represents inner clarity, cyclical change, and a connection to the feminine . It is a symbol of light and hope and also encourages us to embrace new beginnings. It is closely linked to themes of femininity such as fertility, balance, softness, and intuition.’


Malachite is known as “the midwives stone.” It is known to stimulate contractions, aid in safe childbirth, and minimize labor pains.


I think a bag with a few would be perfect. I’m with @brandy20 I second Malachite, an absolute must and don’t forget a rose quartz. Personally I think a large rose quartz, like maybe one of those flame carved ones would be a perfect baby gift. It could be kept close for the first month or so and then moved higher as the little critter starts climbing. Maybe even a special shelf, or even in the living space for a while
Normally I would suggest Moonstone as well @Dierna_Nimue_Selene is absolutely right but for some reason it feels really wrong to me. Maybe I’m just in a weird headspace right now


Hi @AileyGrey!

Apologies, I don’t know any stones for birth (I’ll leave it in the capable hands of the crystal experts of the forum! :gem:), but I’m just popping in to send my well-wishes to your sister! May she have an easy and smooth delivery- so mote it be! :raised_hands: :heart:


Aww so sweet! :hugs: Much warm and loving, comforting hugs to your sister and the lil angel coming on this earth! :innocent: :face_holding_back_tears: :kissing_heart: As for stones, I am with Bry here, I too, have very less idea about stones associated with birth and pregnancy. I guess, you already have got some good advice here! :blush: Blessings to you, your sister and your lovely nephew! :sparkles:


The first stones that come to my mind are amethyst and carnelian. I think for me, the carnelian is a direct connection to Brigid who helps mothers during childbirth. Maybe create a spell jar or something connected to Brigid during childbirth, or give offerings to Brigid on your own while she’s in labor?


Thank you! She is so anxious right now and I’m not close enough to her to really be helpful! But she’s moving 10 minutes away from me in June! Squee!


Just to second this one ^^

Carnelian came to my mind also. As well as moonstone. Carnelian is favorite of mine that I’ve given to my children as well.


Oh good! I hope you’re able to decide which you’d like to send. Much love & light to her plus a healthy delivery. :crescent_moon::heart:


I’m glad to know my intuition is going somewhere with that :laughing: I don’t usually work with crystals so it was a bit strange to get the knee-jerk reaction “this one!”


I’m still learning crystals, so Moonstones were the only one I could think of for this.


It was a great suggestion, especially as part of a little bag it’s just something about it for this particular situation felt weird. Plus I have personal experience and connection with Malachite so that would always be my first choice


Oh that’s awesome! :star_struck: You’ll be practically neighbors before you know it! :raised_hands: :blush:


Uhh… maybe not that close! Haha! Just kidding! I’m so excited that she\ll be so close! We can maybe practice together some and I am thrilled that all the cousins will be together. We haven’t lived close to each other since I went off to college!


Hooray! Sounds like a blast from the past- I’m sure you’ll find lots of fun things to enjoy and get to spend lots more time together :blush::two_hearts:


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