Stormy weather and concerned about home n health

So the weather lately has been pretty wet, dark and howling wind. Of course by bed is near the sliding door so the wind tunnel at the door gap is ridiculous…at night for the most part its muffled by the pillow n sheets a lil but last night go to say the rain smacking against the window n howling wind n worrying about the man hole in bathroom ( which is right above door entrance ) it moves in stronf windn a spider at face level at 2.30am is not unheard of, but also i worry bout rats or other things falling on head as i walk into bathroom or ppl in roof watching me but im told its just the wind that moves man hole, so mostly its creatures of some kind falling on me on entry to bathroom esp while half asleep. The sheets i have covering things outside on balcony have also flapped during high wind n ive been concetmed not only for what they protect but also that theyd fly away. I had to rescue 3 times during night, sometimes strong wind, others strong wind n rain. That was freezing n crawling back in bed after as it wasnt time to get up for work yet i ended up shiveing n crying from exhaustion n knowing when i went to work if this continued i didnt kbow what id come home to n im on a later shift n also the strong winds n rain walking to train will make staying dry walking to n from buses n trains to n from work difficult even with umbrella. Im already gettibg sick, ive barely slept in days, so much stress n pressure. But im mostly worried about the house wjileim gone incase sometying happens n im not here to fix it before it gets worse. I said a quick prayer to Nematona goddess of santuary n sacred spaces. I have an idea of how to hold down the sheet to protect it from flying off during day n i hope it works but im now starting the day n week with lack of sleep, too mucg stress, gettibg stock, burnt out n emotional. N no idea what ill face at work or when i get home. But ill do what i can. Thats all i can do. I just xant get sick as we dont have the staff as it is ( skeleton crew n one about to go on materinty leave n no one yet to replace. ) yet alone if someone called in sick. My only relief to sone degree is that i got the assignment innon time yesterday but now im playing catch up on the next one. So its only minor relief. N now this…


Is there anyway you could hold the door shut with wood or something solid. That might help.
Take heart my love, I shall always send you strength, hope and love.


Unfortunatly its not secured n it is just a square plank thing that sits over the hole so to move the man hole cover you just push up n to side. Its also why string wind blows it up n to side. Ive been severely shaken being in shower more than once n looking up to see gaping hole because the man hole was moved n feared soneobe was up there watching me ( as from the man hole can see directlt into shower. But im assured by my dad its just the wind because its an old building tjere must be hole in roof n the wind blows my man hole off its position. I moved it so it was at leadt for now back in place. Ill have to check when i get jone n fix properly. Whether it stays overnight is another thing. Weather lately has been wet n very windy. As for door near bed. Not much can do for now bit at least for now the sheet is held tdown by a plank shelf covered n pegged with black plastic bag so it doesnt get damaged by weather. Temperary measure. I ask my clan for protection both of home n me. i feel they have heard me.
Thanks for the support Garnet. I really appreciate it​:cherry_blossom::bouquet::rose::hibiscus:


Goodness @Phoenix_Fire, that is very stressful indeed! I think anything that is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep is something that needs to be addressed.

Do you have a landlord or housing group in charge of the building/area where you live? If so, they are responsible for the premises and are often bound by law to address structural issues and broken utilities. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely talk with whoever owns the building about getting things fixed and in a healthy livable condition.

Sending lots of love and light to you in the meantime! :pray::sparkles::candle:


I agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry and would seek out the landlord/housing group for repair/securing of this! Repeatedly not getting a good night’s sleep is extremely detrimental to your health. It will not only make you stressed, but it will eventually start to physically affect your body as well. For now, I am sending you lots of love and energy.


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