Strange Lunar Occurrence

A former classmate of my best friend posted that he noticed something odd over the night of October 8-9, 2023. He looked at the moon at 11pm, Mountain time and saw it was 1/3 of the way across the sky. At 2am, he looked at it again, and the moon was just over the Sandia mountains to our east. It sounds as though in the intervening 4 hours, the moon moved backward. Someone in Colorado noticed it, as did someone in California. Since a lot of us keep track of the moon, I was wondering if anyone else saw it. What impact would such a thing have on us?


Tides would be weird as heck for a little bit?


I didn’t catch anything strange with the moon (I’m currently on the East Coast US), but bumping this to bring it to attention in case anyone else noticed anything! :waning_crescent_moon:


That’s a very strange and interesting occurrence! I didn’t notice anything though because when the moon is waning, she rises later at night.


Hmm… that’s a strange occurrence, for sure! I can’t find anything online about the moon going into a retrograde period where it appears to go backward. Maybe someone else has an idea :laughing: because I am stumped!


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