Strange things of the Universe

Have you ever noticed that when you think of random things they happen to come up? Like if you want to call someone, but it’s not a good time and they end up calling you? This world goes around so fast that things sometimes go unnoticed, unless it’s a slap in the face kind of Wow thing. I had a Wow thing happen to me the other day and I have to share.

I had this thought the other night when I got home from work about the staff being “Hippies” for Halloween. I started singing a song called “Koom by ya” while I was picking up around the house. The next day my boss was talking about someone outside the office finally being nice in emails and he said maybe they should start singing “Koom by Ya”! I almost hit the floor!


LOL, boogidy , boogidy, boo!


I have things like that happen so often that I just roll with it now, lol. Just last night, I was inside reading while my husband was hanging outside with our friends. It was getting late and I was about to get up and remind him what time it was (he takes his watch off when he gets home and is horrible at estimating time passage). As I go to open the door, it opens on its own and there he is coming inside. He goes “I had a feeling you were fixin’ to come get me so I told everyone I was going in for the night.” I just smile and go sit back down with my book. He chalks it up to us being together for so long but I feel there is more to it.


Happens all the time. The power of attraction.

Power of consciousness :wink:

When you meditate and you focus your thoughts and train your conscious mind, you can make anything change in your sub conscious mind.

The world is percieved different from every different mind. And you have full control of ‘your’ reality.


I’ve noticed this happen, but for me it only seems to work if I mention what is on my mind to someone else. Which I suppose is for the best, because if everything my anxiety-mind fixated on came true that would be terrifying! :joy:

But things really do seem to come in bundles of correlation- and once someone mentions it, when they speak it into being, then it’s out there and it continues to grow.

This weekend’s thing was “pirates”. One mention of it set it off and then everything was about pirates here- we even went to a pirate festival and then a pirate museum :pirate_flag: :laughing:


Ooohh, that’s one of those goosebump ideas. I have several friends who need to hear this!

This happens to me all the time! My mom and I do it a lot too… it’s like our brain are connected!

It kind of makes me wonder if Alexa is a witch because I can say anything and it magically shows up on Amazon! Sometimes I can even think it and it shows up! (Being silly, I know it’s a bot…. But I think it’s funny!)


In reality Pirates were murderous thieves. But somehow they’ve been romanticized.
We forget Black Beard and the like were horrible criminals. When we think of Pirates? Why Captain Jack Sparrow!
It’s like the myth of Robin Hood, you know, “Take from the rich and give to the poor.” I can assure that anything he stole in medieval England, he kept. But it did create a wonderful story that has stood the test of time.


Forgive me if this is a hot take, but I think it’s because they were murderous thieves that they’ve been romanticized- think of Dracula and the vampire/werewolf craze, people do love their dark forbidden romances! :joy:

I’m not too familiar with the tale of the real Robin Hood, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. And you’re also right about it being a great tale- I always really loved the Disney version of the Robin Hood movie! :fox_face: :coin: :bow_and_arrow:


Whatever Alexa and Siri have going is definitely “dark magick” if you ask me :joy: Gotta watch what you say around them!


Morning Bry, I’ve been meaning to ask, what are gas prices in Poland?


Something interesting I learned recently is that our version of modern democracy has part of its history to thank because of pirates! I’ll have to find a link to the documentary we were watching but one pirate ran his ship like this. Even though he was eventually voted out has captain, many pirates adopted this version of rulership, so to speak, because it gave everyone aboard the ship a voice in the matter.

That doesn’t negate the bad things that pirates did, of course, but it’s interesting how much gray area there is in a lot of our history :blush:


@Garnet Morning, Garnet! :blush: The last time we checked, gas prices in Poland were the equivalent of about $7 per gallon (approx- have to switch from zloty and liters). Even more expensive than in the US right now!

Talking about “strange things of the Universe”- gas prices right now are a strange thing in the worst way possible :worried:

@MeganB There was something in the museum about that! I was paying more attention to the pirate ship and interactive exhibits and not really reading the info signs (whoops! haha) but there was something about how people chose piracy over their life in England because they had more rights and equality on the ship. Wish I read the whole thing! :sweat_smile: But you’re right- and I’d be interested in the documentary if you happen to find it again! :pirate_flag:

It seems the theme of pirates has moved on (been completed? Or whatever the Universe needs for some pattern or series of connections to move on). Wonder if there will be a theme or group of connections for this week! :grinning:


I have a pirate story. My great great grandfather was friends with the pirate Jean Lafitte. His name was Charles Sallier and the town of Lake Charles Louisiana was named after him. Jean Lafitte had given my great great grandmother a broach and it made Charles jealous, so he shot her. The bullet hit the broach and saved her life. Charles fled the scene thinking that Catherine was dead. Anyway, there is a restaurant in Lake Charles called La Blues Landing and the story is on the wall.


There is a museum in Salem about “terrible” pirates, and by terrible I mean they were not very good at being pirates! They did things like escaped jail for a drink and locked themselves back in at dawn of lost treasure maps, sunk their boats… it was such a great museum!


This is such a cool story- your family is famous, Ostara! :star_struck:

In all of my trips to Salem, how have I not visited this museum!?! It sounds like a riot! :joy: This is definitely on the to-visit list- I want to hear more about the terrible pirates :pirate_flag: :laughing: :heart:

I have an experiment for everyone- now that we’ve all been talking about pirates here, the seed has been planted :wink: I wonder if you all keep an eye out over the coming days and see if thinking about pirates draws in related things!

Hopefully not actual pirates, but any pirate-related things. Let us know here if you start to see any “coincidences” relating back to this (or another?) theme! :grinning:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry it is a fabulous museum! I am a museum junkie. Here’s the link!

In my head, pirates and witch trials aren’t happening at the same time in the same place…. But…. Here they are!


Saved! Thanks so much for the link to the museum, @AileyGrey! :heart: I have no idea when life will lead me back to Salem, but the next time I’m there I’d love to go to this fun museum :pirate_flag: :grin:

History is crazy sometimes! There are lot of things that seem like they happened in entirely different worlds (or, at least, eras) but happened at the same time.

Time is a strange thing in and of itself! :laughing: :mantelpiece_clock:


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