Does anyone have a substitution for bee’s wax for ointments and such?


I found a few suggestions on google. It seems you’ll need to do different things for soaps vs salves for example, but here are two helpful articles I found:

(This second link gives suggestions for alternatives to beeswax, even though the article focuses on lip products)


Hi there @Nixi, I use a lot of different vegan waxes but I like Candelilla Wax the best for ointments. You can buy it organic pellets in most places, even Amazon. If that doesn’t suit you let me know I have a few other recommendations too besides the ones @Melora_Fae has kindly mentioned above. :heart:

BTW: I like Candelilla because it has a very mild and tolerable scent compared to other vegan alternatives, and is less sticky than beeswax, which is actually nice when you are trying to produce an ointment. It has a few other benefits too but just suffice it to say that it is pretty easy to work with as a plant alternative ally to bees wax and is just as easy to find and is relatively the same price.

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@Melora_Fae the articles are very helpful and interesting too. Thank you

@jan_TheGreenWitch I will definitely try it, Thank You


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