Sun magick: I need help

Magic & Rituals involving the Sun :sun:, much like involving the Moon :full_moon:, has phases that correspond to different things.

  • Sunrise: new beginnings, changes, health, employment, renewal, resurrection, and finding the right direction. It can also be very cleansing.
  • Morning: magical power for growth, positive energy, resolutions, courage, harmony, happiness, strength, activity, building projects and plans, prosperity, and expansion of ideas.
  • High Noon: magic for health, physical energy, wisdom, and knowledge. It is also a good time to pop your tools or crystals out that need charging.
  • Afternoon: energy now is good for working on business matters, communication, clarity, travel, exploring and anything professional.
  • Sunset: magic for removing depression, stress and confusion, letting go, releasing or finding out the truth of a situation.