Sunwater cleanse of house

Being Sunday and that I didn’t get to do as much of a cleanse yesterday except cutting cords n bit if washing, today I’m recharging the sunflowers and using sun water, lemon essential oil and even lemon earth dishwash liquid to wash down all walls floors etc to bring in the energy and light of the sun even when stuck inside can have that energy inside. Bringing light into the darkness wash away any lingering negativity and just generally give my place a tidy and clean especially during time of the autumn equinox one activity I read was clearing out stuff no longer serving us. So I’m looking at doing that. It’s a bigger task than I think can do in one day but I’m charging more sun water and will try continue that through the house each time I work on a room or area even if I’m still doing past Sunday ( which I even put on a yellow shirt to fit the days theme lol) I’ll see how I go to how much I get through but I found I’m already feeling the positivity and sun energy in the bathroom where I started it’s just like walking into a sun room the feeling I get which is so cool. I’m excited to have that feeling through out the house. Especially as the weather has been making it cloudy n not as sunny outside as before. Having the energy of the sun inside even if outside might not be so sunny will also help especially as the weather starts to shift from autumn to winter. I’m taking what sun I can utilise befo re it gets to the darker seasons and also to clear away darkness by bring ing that light and sun energy inside​:grin::sun_with_face:let it shine, bring on the pocket full of sunshine :joy:I need it :blush:



I love the sunshine, and we have lots of sunny days here in Colorado.

Some of the things I use to add more sunshine to my life during the darker days are Citrine crystals and Citrus essential oils.

I will wear a Citrine necklace or put Citrine in my pocket. I also do a meditation with Citrine crystals on my solar plexus chakra.

I put the essential oil on my 3rd eye chakra, which brightens my outlook.

I think I would like to have a large picture of sunflowers, maybe I can manifest one this year.
I love sunflowers and grow them in my yard in the summer. They always make me smile :sunflower:

I have never tried making solar water but that sounds interesting.



Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! :notes: :grinning: :sun_with_face:

Such lovely spellwork to invite in the sunshine during the autumn equinox- it sounds beautiful, Danni! May the bright energy and warmth keep you smiling and feeling good throughout the week :heart::blush: