📕 Supermarket Sabbats by Michael Furie

This thread is for everyone reading Supermarket Sabbats for the Spells8 Book Club!

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Feel free to swap thoughts and share highlights with one another as you read :open_book:

Things to keep in mind…

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How do we start this book @Francisco? Just start reading and commenting or what?


Yes! The book begins with the winter solstice, and the second chapter is Imbolc so I think we started it at the perfect time!

The recipes and rituals are great because they are so simple and with easy-to-find ingredients. And they make sense in the context of each sabbat. Let’s choose our favorites for Imbolc!


That’s great! I’ll get started on it right away. I read pretty quickly so I’ll soon catch up.


Just popping in to give a friendly reminder-

:grey_exclamation: The current reading period will end in one week :grey_exclamation:

I hope you are enjoying Supermarket Sabbats- I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book! :open_book:

Happy reading and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for the reminder!


Supermarket Sabbats is more of a reference book than a “book club” read. I haven’t finished it yet so here’s my partial review!

  • This is a great guide for celebrating the sabbats and the Wheel of the Year at home with plenty of ideas for dinners, desserts, and brews.

  • One thing I really liked is the “shopping lists” that the author includes for each celebration. He really delivers what the title of the book tells, and it makes it very easy if you want to follow the recipes without surprises.

  • The book also includes spells with chants, bath salt recipes, incense, potions and powder recipes. It’s very complete and each celebration is briefly explained.

I haven’t read everything so I don’t want to rate it yet, but I think it met my expectations so far :+1:


I’m about to start on the Month of May myself. It’s a very interesting book like you said, filled with recipes I may share at a later point.