Surprise Treasure Spell 🤑

Surprise Treasure Spell
(Should be done on a full moon :full_moon_with_face:)

:moneybag: 1 Moss Agate Stone
:moneybag: Pen
:moneybag: 8 by 11 Inch Piece of Paper
:moneybag: 1 Glass Jar With a Lid
:moneybag: 1 Cup Soil From a Healthy Garden or Vegetable Patch

  1. Gather all your materials on your altar. Make sure you have already cleansed, charged and empowered your moss agate stone.

  2. Using your pen, draw your lucky numbers or personal symbols on the paper, filling the page with whatever you like. If you’re unsure what to sketch, some suggestions are dollar signs, coins, the sun and pentacles. Don’t worry about how it looks; it’s your intent that is important. While you sketch, visualize yourself winning money. Imagine exactly how surprised and happy you’ll be.

  3. Place the moss agate on the paper and fold it up as small as possible. The moss agate will absorb the energy you put into your lucky symbols.

  4. Put the folded paper in the jar and cover it with earth, as if you’re planting a seed. The earth is fertile and rich- perfect qualities to create growth and abundance.

  5. Screw the lid on the jar, and leave it sitting in a windowsill or outdoors overnight to bask in the power of the full moon.

  6. The next day, retrieve your moss agate stone. Burn or recycle the paper. The stone now holds all the energy of your lucky symbols and the fertility of the earth.

:moneybag: Carry your moss agate with you when you go to a casino or play the lottery or any game of chance. It’s also useful to carry it when you need some cash in general, to increase your odds of finding the money you need.

:gem: This spell was taken from the book, Crystals for Witches by Eliza Maybelle. :gem:


Thank you for sharing this! I’m looking forward to incorporating some earth, and not just earth elements in spell work. I think this is a good start for me


Oh that great!!! I’m glad that someone could use this!!!


I just got this book! This looks interesting, thank you!


There’s something really exciting about finding a “surprise treasure”- what a great spell to add to the collection! And I agree with @robin77- this green witch is always happy for more earth and gardening spells :green_heart:

Thanks for sharing this one, @Christina4 :blush:


Oh nice!! It’s a great book!!! I won’t spoil anything!!


I’ll look for more green witch spells in the future for you both.


It’ll be a while before I get to it. My to-read list is a mile long. LOL!


That’s very kind of you, Christina! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No stress at all- just if you happen across any herbal spellwork in your studies, feel free to share it, it’s always appreciated! :green_heart:


I’m awaiting an herbalism book today, so I’ll share something nice soon!!