Symbols while sleeping

Hi everyone,

I am wonder if someone can offer me advice or insight.

On several occasions over the past 2 weeks or so, i have woken up during the night to find myself “writing” on my forehead and side of my head with my finger. My finger is in full flow, suggesting this has started while i was still asleep.

The movements are very precise, indicating that they are some sort of symbols rather than simple scratching my head. I know for sure though that its not English words or letters.

Has anyone experienced something similar or can any one offer an idea as to what this is and what is happening?

Many thanks -blessed be


I’ve never experienced this but it sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to the responses on this.


Hi @Cosmic_Curiosity :wave:

I’ve never experienced something like what you’ve explained but it does sound intriguing. It reminds me of automatic writing, a method of divination or spirit communication that involves writing. Is there any way you can maybe record yourself while you sleep and see what you’re writing? Or maybe you can even attempt an automatic writing session in a trance or while in a meditative state.

Here are some resources I found for automatic writing! Some of these links go outside the forum.

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As an update, this morning i “caught” myself drawing the wedjat on my forehead. Perhaps ancient Egypt is calling me.


Perhaps it is! I had to look up what wedjat is :sweat_smile: but I think if Egypt is calling to you then it would be a good thing to explore :blush:


I think it is too. I have always been fascinated by it.


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