Automatic writing attempt #2

Tonight, I found the paper I wrote at the seance presentation, all folded up, the program at the library I attended earlier this month

Everyone in the audience (maybe 40 or so people) was given a piece of paper with instructions to write a number or symbol we liked at the top.

Those who wanted it were given a dab of a oil mixture. He said it was a road opener oil. He put a dot on the paper. It smelled nice.

Then we were told to clear our mind and as much as possible, focus on loved one(s) who had passed, and write down the thoughts that came into our mind, as much as we could, for seven minutes, without judging or editing what we wrote down.

I thought of a grandmother I never met, because she died when my mom was 20.

The facilitator said we could write down this message at the top to get the ball rolling,: Who is waitng for me and What do I need to know or words to that effect, if we desired.

Of course, this was a lot more helpful than my first attempt a couple of weeks before the seance, which was trance-like scribbling and trying to detect words in the scribbles (but I did find some).

So this is what I wrote.

“Be with me. I hear. Can you find a way to make it stop? Pressure. There are two. Keep at it. Find a way. Mercy. Bring it to an end. There are depths. Figure it out. Who is behind this and why? Forget. Mercy. Slipping. My focus. Can you be a beacon? There is a path. Stripped of reason. Keep at it. My darling. You are almost there. Figure it out. Find a way. I love you. Be still. I am here.”

So, of course, very freaked out when I read all of it. When I “received” I love you, I got emotional and teared up.

Of course, it could be my own subconscious or something…but many of those phrases are not words I would use, such as “stripped of reason” and “can you be a beacon?” Also it never occurred to me to be a beacon for anyone or anything. Or, maybe that’s not true. I do try to be a role model for my son and children i teach. But I am not sure if that is what was meant.

So…it is very mysterious! I will meditate on these messages, and particularly the phrases that repeated, this Samhain and perhaps try it again some time.


This is really interesting- may I ask if the facilitator used (or if they recommend using) any sounds in the background when doing this seance, or if it is better to have complete silence when focusing on the incoming messages?

It sounds like the seance was very successful for you- congrats, @mary25! :raised_hands: Wishing you all the best as you explore the results. Thank you very much for sharing the seance ritual, it sounds like it was an amazing class! I would love to go to a presentation like this someday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be and Happy Samhain! :candle:


At the program, the facilitator (Dan and Kat Eckhart, occultists, husband wife duo) didn’t use music or sounds but now that you mention it, I think that would be a wonderful addition, particularly if you were doing it on your own. I am thinking of Francisco’s music video on YouTube, or any meditation track or those frequency sound videos. Maybe even nature sounds. Anything that would relax you. The state of mind, I felt, was very similar to meditation. Maybe automatic writing is a form of writing meditation? I’m not sure.


I imagine the shared energy in the class where everyone was focusing and working towards the same goal helped a lot- so I agree that adding music and sounds to a self-practice may help to nuture a similar focused environment :grinning:

Meditation comes in many forms and many types- from guided meditations to mind emptying meditations, happy thought meditations, gratitude, journalling, etc. It sounds to me like you felt collected, focused, and very present while you were practicing automatic writing- I personally would consider that to be a form of meditation! :person_in_lotus_position: :writing_hand:

Blessed be! :sparkles: :blush:


Fascinating! Thanks for sharing! I hope you will find v the answers you’re seeking!