Tarot Book on Sale at Amazon

The book Holistic Tarot is on sale at Amazon!

I’ve wanted this book but it was way out of my range, and now it’s down to $1.99 on Kindle and $14.05 for the actual book. I’ve seen it recommended by tarot readers again and again, I’m looking forward to reading it but it should take some time. When I see the book lifted it’s like, Stephen King thick!

Just wanted to share in case anyone else wanted it!


Hey, by coincidence, I just bought this!!! Along with her new book “I Ching, The Oracle”. I also own “The Tao of Craft”. I really like Benebell Wen; she deep dives into her work. She has a lot of info on her site as well: https://benebellwen.com.

Thanks for sharing this!


This is a FANTASTIC book by a great person! It contains so much knowledge! In addition to that, the author definitely keeps up with making sure the information in it is accurate — earlier prints of it contained some errors, and she freely published a PDF on her website pointing out and correcting the errors on her website. I’m not sure if the newest copies available contain those changes or not, so : recommend checking out her website to make sure to get the changes to the errors in the print/e-book version. I’ll try to remember to post a link to the corrections later! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what you think of the book! I started reading it, but got distracted because I was in school at the time, and it is super dense with information.


The amendments to the Holistic Tarot book text can be found here on Benebell’s website

Benebell also offers several free courses that look extremely interesting, including a “Companion Course” to her Holisitc Tarot book! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing her site @korvo! I’ll have to look into it!

And thanks, @Jewitch for the glowing recomendation! I’m hoping where I bought it on kindle that its been corrected but thanks for posting those links too!.


That is a nice sale! :grinning:

Thank you very much for the head’s up, @Amethyst! :pray: :open_book: :sparkles:


You are welcome! There are several Judika Illes hardback books on sale too!


Thanks so much for the heads up about this, @Amethyst!! :heart: I bought it and am now reading it for book club! :sparkles:


You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the book!