Tarot card question

I am going to do a 12 month card read tonight. I am going to make this my new year routine. I want to cast a circle, would that be too much or okay?

I know that you cast circles for spells and it’s usually to creat that bubble so negative things don’t cross.

Just kinda want make this more of special thing as it’s not a general reading, if that made any sense at all. Maybe meditating and grounding before would be enough??


If casting a circle before your reading makes you feel more secure, puts you in a ritual mood, or whatever reason you want – do it! There’s nothing wrong with casting a circle before doing a reading, especially a larger reading :blush:


I agree with Megan! If you feel pulled to cast a circle, then go right ahead. There are no rules to divination. I carry a circle if I’m doing a reading with my deities (death God & Goddess and I don’t want any spirits from the underworld to tagalong.


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