Tarot card reading?

Does anybody on here do tarot readings?


I will do a reading for you, if you like. I am a beginner but I will do my best. We do have some very experienced readers on this forum, though!


Sure! That’s fine! Nobody else commented. Lol.


Okay! I know how to do a three-card spread and a Celtic cross spread. The 3 card spread shows the past present and future of a situation. the Celtic cross spread provides more details.

If it is confidential, you can email me. If it isn’t confidential, just let me know the question and how many times you want me to shuffle the deck. I will meditate on it and will take a picture of the spread that results and post it below and give you my best guess on the meaning and then of course, others can chime in, if they want.

This is fun, I have only done a couple before, but they turned out pretty well!


Okay. I just want to know if my relationship is going to work. That’s basically it. We have so many difference…

Just do the three card spread and shuffle them 3 times. You can post here when your done.


I am learning (self teaching) and do them for myself, not for others.


@Mary25 You are very kind to offer a tarot reading :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Flowing I feel you, Flowing! There’s a big difference between reading for others versus reading for yourself. Both require their own unique sets of skills in addition to knowing your tarot deck! :tarot_card:

Just popping in to say that it is Friday, so the talented @MeganB will have a Freebie Friday post out very soon! Anyone interested can keep an eye out in the forum- Megan kindly reads tarot cards and sends answers either publically or privately.

Edit- Today’s Freebie Friday post is up now! :tada:

I hope you can find the answers you are seeking, @triplemoonlove9091- Blessed be! :sparkles::blush:


@triplemoonlove9091 thanks for letting me do a reading for you. @BryWisteria I forgot @MeganB did weekly readings! I will remember that in the future, sorry about that!

So, I will do just this one. It was interesting. I do remember, I think it was Megan, who said there is a way to ask Tarot questions to get the best results. I looked it up and found this Labyrinthos article on how to ask effective Tarot questions and learned a lot:

So, I changed the question a little to “what connects us in this relationship?” since differences was one of the concerns you mentioned. In this 3-card spread, I saw lots of learning on the path head. I was excited to get a love question on Friday, Venus’ day. I lit a pink candle and put out a rose quartz for this reading :slight_smile:

1st card - past relationship(s) 2 of cups, reversed. It looks like you, he or perhaps both of you have had a negative relationship with someone else in the past. a boyfriend or girlfriend who could not be trusted, or did not act with your best interests in heart. We all have “luggage” from past relationships and that may be what this card is telling us. sometimes we even bond and connect through sharing and processing those negative past experiences with our new loves! So, that may be a point of connection.

2nd card - the present state of your relationship. The Hierophant. I think this bodes well. to me, this card is saying you, he or perhaps both of you have things to learn in this relationship, in a good way, and that will connect you and strengthen your bond. The Hierophant is a teacher. I think it is true that when relationships teach us and help us to be the best version of our selves, they are healthy. so, perhaps that is what this card is teaching us. Perhaps those differences will turn out to be what strengthens your relationship, rather than weakens it, if you approach it as a way to connect and learn from each other. the Hierophant is also associated with spirituality. So, your paths are meeting in that way – another way you may connect with each other, through your practices and beliefs :slight_smile:

3rd card - the future of your relationship and how you will connect. this is the Page of Pentacles, reversed. I choose to look at future cards not as saying what will be but what to either look forward to and promote or watch out for and take heed. So, here you have another learning opportunity. the Page of Pentacles is a student. Reversed, he/she is the student who did not get out of bed to get to class on time (that was me in college!), a little bit lazy, maybe taking things for granted. When relationships go well, do we not sometimes take our partners for granted, a little too much? It is a natural tendency. Well, this card, says, look out for that tendency, either in yourself, your partner, or both of you. Keep showing up, keep learning from each other, keep exploring and trying new things – keep learning!

I pulled a fourth card to clarify the reading or to get any more messages. I pulled the four of pentacles, reversed. Sometimes, this is called the miser card. Reversed, it can be a warning to look out for selfishness or I would say in the context of relationships, control. The advice of this card, I think, is to be generous with each other but look out for any tendencies to control. I am not a relationship expert but I think the antidote to controlling tendencies may be developing the capacity to trust. For example, a controlling ex might have been controlling because he didn’t know how to trust people or even himself. And if you have been burned in the past, trust can be hard to muster. You may be even doubting yourself (as I have done myself many times); “how could I have let myself get into that situation?” kind of thing. I don’t know if the control issue would be you, him or a little of both. So you might begin with being generous to yourself - forgive yourself for what you consider to be mistakes or imperfections, focus on your strengths and good qualities, dedicate some time to self-love and trust your intuition, judgment and feelings. Perhaps, when we learn to trust ourselves first, that is the key to connecting with people we can trust, and letting go of enough doubt in order to trust them.

anyway, that was the reading. It gave me a lot to think about in my own life, so thanks for the chance to do it.


Oh yes we both have a big problem with trying to control things him more so than I and he will admit straight off that he WANTS to control.

As far as the first card that you pulled yes his baby mama cheated on him. And he talks about it all the time about how it’s very hard for him to trust but that he wants to.

So your cards are EXTREMELY accurate thank you so much!!


No need to apologize at all, @mary25- I just wanted to share an additional resource! :blush: You’ve done an amazing reading here that seems to be exactly what Jyssie was looking for- really great work! :clap::heart:


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