Tarot Cleansing

In the hassle of moving apartments in a pandemic, I unearthed my old Tarot deck. I used to be very devoted and rather adept at using my cards in high school, until a frankly rather troubling event opened up all sorts of negative energies. I haven’t touched the cards in over five years as a result. While I don’t want to get rid of this deck, but I think we would both benefit from some serious cleansing. Any advice?


There are several ways you can cleanse, Smoke, Sound, Your breath, you can use the elements to cleanse your deck, you can sage your deck. My personal way here lately is to fan out the deck and blow on the edges of the cards, square them back up and make a fist and tap the top of the deck, I also use sound quite a bit, especially after readings, I keep a small little silver altar bell near and I ring it three times over the deck to cleanse it. The main thing is, do what feels right to YOU! hope this helps!!! Blessed Be


Thank you so much! I’ll try these in the morning


your very welcome! if you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask!

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Just like Trey said, do what feels right to you!!

If you need more ideas, I recommend checking out the Whole Tarot Video Course which has a lesson on clearing a Tarot deck, super helpful!



The Tarot Course is very helpful I am working with it right now myself, to learn all the meanings of the cards


@Treys ideas are all fab :heart_eyes:

Just to add, the way I cleanse and charge my deck every full moon: I burn Palo Santo and fan the smoke over the deck whilst saying “I cleanse you of all negativity” then I leave the deck in the window sill overnight to absorb the glorious moonlight :full_moon: and ask Selene to fill my tools with her truest intent :blush:

Good luck!