Tarot Deck

Hello one and all!
I was hoping you may shed some light on a problem for me.

I have what I think is a great idea for a tarot deck. Will be using it personally very soon.
Have any of you attempted to make your own? - ie, used regular card stock, index cards, etc.
There are a couple of manufacturer companies out there that make them from personal design. Have you or do you know of anyone that has used them?



Hello @Wysteria_Norn!

I think it is super exciting that you want to make your own tarot deck- what a cool craft! :star_struck: Making your own deck is no doubt a lot of work, but as a result you’ll have a deck purely and uniquely your own :sparkles:

I’ve used printing companies for things like custom calendars, but I’ve never made my own deck before. The Free Printable Tarot on Spells8 suggests the following:

You may print them on Photo Quality printer paper and maybe even laminate them so they’ll last longer!

From Spells8: Free Printable Tarot Cards

I’ve also some people choose to use multiple sheets on regular paper- you can get your ideal card thickness by stacking sheets on top of one another.

That reminds me that @MeganB was brainstorming ideas for making her own oracle deck- perhaps she has some advice for you about printing methods?

Wishing you all the best, Wysteria- have fun with crafting your very own tarot deck! :tarot_card: :sparkling_heart:


I haven’t gotten to the point of printing my own deck just yet. However, when I get to that point, I was just going to send it off to a place like Staples or Walmart that can print on good paper with good ink. Then I was just going to cut them out myself.


I’m not surprised that Spells8 would be so great as to offer free tarot cards!
However, the deck I’m working on is a little different…Oracle, tarot, pagan gods, etc.
An eclectic mix that I’m hoping works seamlessly together.
I’m currently using the Gypsy Witch deck and adore it for it’s uniqueness, but am still craving something more.

Thanks for the info!
Blessings to you and yours!


@MeganB Print shops sound like a great option for getting quick and high-quality printing done- and doing it locally means you don’t have to wait for shipping either! :grinning: :+1:

@Wysteria_Norn It’s a pleasure- and your deck WIP sounds like it is going to be something really amazing! :blush: Wishing you all the best with it- blessed be! :sparkles:


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