Tarot grimoire

ive been keeping a new book of shadows on the topic of the tarot. i have been studying for awhile and see that its starting to come much easier to me. Im also an artist, so i decided to combine the two, i do a quick two card pull every morning study the cards for a few minutes until im satisfied with the meaning, then i use mixed medium, printout, stickers, water color, pens, pencil, and illustrate the reading. its been very fulfilling, and alot of fun too. Im adding wax& stamps…as soon as i motivate myself to make one.2023-09-11T04:00:00Z


I would love to see a photo of your work if you are comfortable with posting :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s going to be awesome! Welcome to the forum by the way. You’ll share pics won’t you?


It sounds like your new Tarot book practice is going wonderfully- congrats to you, Keri! :blush: :heart: I’m with Dierna and Amethyst- if you don’t mind sharing your work, I would love to see it too (but no pressure)!

Blessed be and happy readings! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:


I love this!! I am with everyone else, I would love to see your work. I think it would be fascinating to see how you turn your readings into art.


Girls I would be happy to share- I am as we speak in the process of moving. In fact I just signed my lease , was handed my key, and went to check the place out. Unfortunately they gave me the wrong key! Everyone is gone so I have no idea where I live yet? I’m on my way back to my friends to light a candle and say a few choice words-if you know what I mean! :magic_wand::frog::joy_cat:


Wow, that is awful. Have fun cursing them out. Either way you do it. And good lick moving!.



I love this Keri this is wild :stuck_out_tongue: and I want to see if you can send a picture! I love pictures

I see maybe this is easier than language! Very smart or cleaver I should say! :wink::wink:

I think sticking stickers is neat there’s many books that you can buy or stickers out there for your book of Shawdows!
I think I’ll try and give it a go! Thank you for the tip!


No, however tempting it may be, I truly am joking. I would never do anything to purposely hurt anyone, and I know you all feel the same. It’s just kidding around. These things happen, I was the last person of the day, a very long day for all of them. I’ll straighten it out tomorrow. I did


It’s so much fun! I’m mad for stickers now. I buy sticker paper for my printer, if I find a cool image or draw one up I just make it! I think I’m going to finish #3! No promises tho- it’s not easy…


Oh no! I hope you were able to get the right key and that the moving process is going/went smoothly. Congrats on your new home, Keri- may it be a wonderful space for you! :heart: :old_key: :sparkles: