Tarot help 🙏🏻

Please help.
My friend started reading tarot and picked 3 cards for me.
King of cups, queen of cups and Seven of cups.
Can anyone make a full reading? Help me understand the association?

As a newbie reader - her prediction was a bit superficial and kinda negative. (not like I want to change it, but maybe there is a bit of hope?)
For context, I am engaged and immediately associated the reading as a break up(?). :cold_sweat:

I need a more experienced reader help :cold_sweat::pleading_face:

P.S. as a tarot reader (myself) would’ve read the last card differently. :exploding_head:


Hmmm… were any of the cards reversed? If not, I’d read that as an extremely positive spread!

The suit of Cups :cup_tarot: representing emotions and intuition and everything that’s associated with water, and King and Queen being two people perfectly embodying and expressing this energy. Very highly developed and high vibrational energy.

Nine is a card of completion and fulfillment. If anything this would give me an image of a beautiful relationship, where both partners were feeling happy and fulfilled. :hugs: :heart:


Ow sorry, the last card was seven of cups (my mistake) :disappointed:. All straight…


I’m having trouble seeing the negativity here, too.

Sure, the Seven of Cups can speak to wishful thinking, imagination, and preoccupation with fantasy. But that doesn’t mean everything will fall apart, know what I mean? Often that just means you need to take a moment for introspection and listening to your inner voice, especially when it comes to making decisions. :black_heart:

Edit: I noticed you mentioned having feelings of doubt in your weekly divination question.
As your friend is a newbie reader, it might be possible that she picked up your feelings of doubt and let that affect the reading, making it more negative than it otherwise would have been. It can be very hard to separate such things, especially when we’re dealing with people close to us. :black_heart:


Okay, I know I’m super late to this post, but I wanted to try and help out!

Firstly, I don’t associate these cards with a breakup. The cup cards are all about emotion and intuition, and neither the court cards nor the seven give me any indication that a relationship is in immediate trouble.

If the reader associates the King and Queen with you and your partner, then the Seven of Cups could indicate how the relationship is right now. As @starborn said, this can indicate wishful thinking. It can also indicate that you two are in a sort of “honeymoon” stage, embracing the fantasy life you wish to lead as a married couple! Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much about this reading. I don’t get anything negative from it at all.