Tarot Inquiry for Waning Moon


So I inquired of the tarot what is the best spell I should perform this waning moon, the most needed and these are the cards I drew (using a Smith-Waite Tarot deck), and I’d like to ask what to make of the message coming through? I have an idea about it, but I am new to the tarot, about a month of usage, and if members here can provide insights much appreciated!

These are my interpretations:

8 of Wands (upright): I interpreted it as to come here Spells8 and/or to follow the 8 rules of Witchcraft. Supposed to be more ‘ethical’?

King of Swords (upright): need to get an athame (I’ve been using a piece of obsidian) and/or perform cord cutting?

Moon (reversed): to draw down the moon, or address fears holding me back?

But please do not be limited to my interpretations above. For this particular spread, am a bit lost.


Here is my personal interpretation based on your intended question,

what is the best spell I should perform this waning moon

8 Wands - To me 8 is about balance and about the infinite. Wands can be about new life, new passion, energy, creativity, and spirituality. See these wands floating in the wind? A river of life flows below through a vast, green landscape. They are pointing to your King of Swords so they are saying their meaning is directly tied to it.

King Swords - Swords relate to issues of the mind. The king’s sword is upright but tilted to the 8 of Wands. This reinforces the connection to that previous card. To be the king, he needs to have a strong command of both spirituality and the ideas of the day. He needs wisdom in order to lead with this knowledge. Also, there are butterflies carved into his throne. Transformation seems to be implied which makes sense in relationship with the 8 of Wands.

Reversed Moon - I deviate from the “official” meaning of the moon because to me the moon is The Divine. When I see this card, I see peace and a path forward lit by her light. Seeing it reversed, then, I see caution and a warning as you proceed. Seeing it reversed with the King of Swords seems to imply Wisdom is required with this spell. (Helpful, right? :upside_down_face: I mean that is why you are doing the spread anyway - searching for wisdom.)


A new way forward exists. This will be a transformation helping you tap into the infinite. The spell you use might be a transforming spell to release you from the old and take you into the new. This is the perfect time for releasing and unbinding. You mentioned cord cutting? That would be perfect. I don’t know what you might want to release or cut from you but this set of cards implies it is something holding you back from the energy and life hidden inside of you.

I wonder what others on here might say but that is how I read the three together. I hope that helps.

I will add that Spells8 has a spell for each day of the moon cycle. :slight_smile: You can find it here.


Wow! Thank you for this :pray: Read it twice over, going to think on this and process, and read some more.


Wishing you a very warm welcome, @Eliza_01! :grin:

From looking at the cards you drew and the question you asked (“what spell will be best for the waning moon?”) here are my personal thoughts:

I see the Eight of Wands to be about movement and change, the King of Swords to be about facing things (even dangerous things) with authority and taking your own power, and the Reversed Moon to be able seeing past illusions and overcoming fear.

As for the Waning Moon :waning_crescent_moon: :

What does a waning moon symbolize? This lunar phase is ideal for works of removal and banishing spells. It symbolizes the closing of a cycle which will eventually give start to a new one. It’s a perfect moment to get rid of everything harmful and all that hurts.

From Spells8 Energy of a Waning Moon

With the energy of the Waning Moon and the cards you drew, I would personally recommend either a Banishing Spell or a Cord-Cutting Spell and Shadow Work :black_heart:

Shadow Work and How to Begin

These are just my personal suggestions- I always feel with tarot that you are closest to your cards and know yourself the best, so your personal interpretation should be given the most weight when making the final decision :+1:

Whatever spellwork you choose to do, wishing you all the best! Blessed be and happy casting :sparkles:


I love that you tie the cards together like I do. With the 8 of wands pointing to the king of swords and vice versa. I love doing that, it’s helpful. And I think you did a great job at helping @Eliza_01 out with her reading!!!


Hello and thank you for having me here! This is big help, going to sit on this and think it through. Again, thank you very much!


You are very welcome, @Eliza_01! :blush::heart: Hope you had a lovely weekend and that you have been enjoying the forum so far- make yourself at home here! :sparkles:


This is sort of a personal journal entry, follow up as this moon cycle wanned, taking into account my post and those here who took the time to share very valuable insights (thank you again) and what has happened, the results thus far.

During this waning moon phase I have dispelled some pretty strong “fantastic” illusions (closed and open eyed as well) that I have carried over a decade, and developed an identity around them, didn’t know it until this waning cycle, but what a millstone around my neck.

With that, this phase, would say the 8 of wands represents freedom, release (flying through the sky) facing the King of Swords who will cut through what needs to be cut through with command “it will happen whether one wants to or not” and trust me I didn’t (built an identity on it - they were pretty cool, but move on), and it will be transformative for the better (butterflies carved on his throne) which it very much has, and what needed to be cut through, the Moon in reverse, illusions (this time around, perhaps fears next time around if not already) with Her light pin pointing them. Even for the next few waning cycles I will use this spread as the basis for meditation and of work that needs to be done. Didn’t cast any spells this cycle, just sat back, took inventory, meditated and explored the tarot.

After this revealing experience, definitely have a lot a lot of work to do (more so than I could have imagined) and for the next few or however many waning moons needed, will continue building on this spread, what has been shared here, especially in the area of dispelling my own illusions and fears. :new_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


It sounds like you found a guiding light with your tarot, @Eliza_01, and that it helped to show you what you need to do on the road ahead :railway_track:

Congrats to you on your successful reading and plan to continue your inner work- I’m cheering for you! :blush: Blessed be :sparkles: