Tarot playing silly buggers?


I have been told that the Tarot cards may provide silly answers or play with you if you ask it questions you already know the answer too or ask it something too many times.

I am thinking that this is not the case. I see the Tarot cards as a tool to access our subconscious and the superconscious.

I am curious to know what your thoughts/experiences are with tarot and whether or not you get silly answers or nonsensical answers.


I have yet to experience this. But then again, I do it about once at week at most. So the opportunities for this to happen are probably less.

I can imagine how asking it the same thing too many times might be a bit of an issue. I’ve read that people do that because they’re hunting for the answer they want, which kind of goes against the point. But then, that supports what you said:

Likely the person hunting for an answer already knows that their hunting is silly and goes against the point, hence what they’re drawing is reflecting upon what they already know.

So perhaps the concept of silly answers because of people asking questions one already knows the answer to or asking it too many times is, ultimately, the subconscious reflecting the behaviour.

That is to say, that both what you read and your thinking are correct:

The person knows they know or they know they’re hunting for an answer, so subconscious is making it abundantly clear that what they’re doing is not productive to their self-growth.


I didn’t get a silly answer but my one deck got to a point where it seemed exasperated with me. I asked a question about a topic that I had asked a few times. About a person, not the same question but pretty much asking the same thing but re-worded. My deck gave me cards that literally came to an interpretation of ‘I don’t know what to tell you’. Basically the cards got to a point with me that they just don’t want to answer.


It could be or it couldn’t be - which I know isn’t the most helpful answer :sweat_smile: it’s all going to boil down to how you believe the cards work. As you’ve said, you see them as tools to connect us with our inner minds.

Some people, myself included, view the cards as an energetic being of their own. As an animist, my cards have their own energies and personalities. Some of my decks have a better approach to multiple questions or questions I already know the answer to. Others absolutely have no time for my bulls**t and will call me out or mess with me if I ask silly questions or something of the sort.

As someone who reads cards professionally, I see this a lot, too. Someone will hop from reader to reader, searching for an answer and claiming the reading doesn’t resonate with them if we don’t tell them what they want to hear.


I remember giving my father a reading for New Years, and he started doing this (I let him pick his own cards, he wanted to keep picking them until he’d get one he’d like), and pretty quick he ran into the cover card of the deck (Crystal Visions), and he asked me what it meant… I told him that the deck is showing you its rules, and he stopped :laughing:



I love the humour in magic. :grin: It shows it’s alive, with a personality of its own


Thank you @starborn. :slight_smile:

Question- how did you know when the cards were telling you “I don’t know what to tell you”?
Thanks @Dierna_Nimue_Selene :slight_smile:

Similar question to you @MeganB , how did you know when they “had not time for your bulls**t” thanks :slight_smile:

That is too funny @CelestiaMoon!

Thank you all for your answers/input. I think I tend to consider the cards as access to my inner mind, in part, as I worry too much and if they had a personality of their own I am probably too irreverent or sporadic for them.
My life is super busy 10-12 hr work days, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband and adhd. I have not been able to find a schedule to save my life.


haha this is absolutely hilarious! :rofl: I’ve never had anyone do this to me in person, but I can always tell when someone has gone to multiple readers or is just looking for the answer they want. I’m glad he came across that card, and you handled it beautifully!

Usually, I can tell when this happens based on the cards I’m pulling and the questions I’m asking. The answer will either be extremely blunt or make absolutely no sense in any way.

So an example would be someone asking if they should stay with their romantic partner and then pulling Three of Swords, The Fool, and Three of Cups Reversed. I would interpret this as absolutely not. There’s heartbreak and betrayal (3 of Swords), they’d be naive to stay and sort of go in blindly following what they want rather than what they know (The Fool), and they’re better off being by themselves than in the company of others (3 of Cups Reversed). For me, that’s a very blunt answer. It wastes no time trying to placate the person or spare their feelings.

A different example would be asking a question such as moving to a new city and pulling cards that all have to do with betrayal, romantic relationships, or creativity. In that context, most of those cards wouldn’t make sense to me because those aren’t generally cards I associate with the question.

It’s also based a lot on how I feel in the moment. Even if I’m asking silly questions or potentially looking for a specific answer, I can still trust my intuition and know what I’m feeling. If things just feel intuitively or energetically off, I put the cards away and stop asking. I may ask again later, but only after at least a few days have passed.

That may not necessarily be the case. There are some decks I have that I only use maybe a handful of times a year. In my opinion, the energy and spirit of these decks aren’t like how we view the energy and spirit of people or other living beings. It’s more… fluid is a good way to put it, I think. Time is a human construct. For energetic beings that have existed for a really long time, or who have that potential, I believe they view time in a completely different manner than we do. I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: It’s kind of difficult to explain!


I don’t know if it’s playing, I feel the same way with my pendulum. They seem to get stubborn. Maybe they are challenging me to prove them wrong? Instead of the negativity they project, I get annoyed and remind myself of my strength and confidence. I believe divination is a path, one of many, and sometimes I choose to say pbbbbt to the tarot path presented and do my own thing because it feels right.


It makes complete sense @MeganB. Sometimes I forget these things when I am having anxious thoughts or am in super stressed mode. I stop engaging my cerebral cortex and allow my limbic brain to go wild.

This reminds me of another post when, I think it was @TheTravelWitch_Bry, suggested a person turn their reversed card around.
At this age I am still learning when to recognize it is my stubborn self that is doing my own thing (this is when there are results I don’t enjoy) or my following my inner guidance to my own thing (much better results) :grin:

Thanks everyone!!


Ha! Ok! An example:
I think this deck hasn’t given me a full answer but I do not think it is playing with me. But I am interested in your thoughts. Your thoughts help me expand and grow and I thank you for that.

I have been struggling and ‘angsting’ and working on figuring things out and have been escaping/avoiding quite a bit.

I created a spread for the tower. I had pulled it in the reversed position (I am trying out reading reversals rather than reading each card on a spectrum) the other day so I read that as an internal tearing down of old beliefs/beliefs holding me back. The spread/pull is simple: when looking at the deck, pictures facing me, I look through until I find the tower (which was still reversed even after a big shuffle)

The card in front of the tower is what belief am I holding onto that needs to be let go of/released.

The cards behind the tower are: What belief/approach will help me release that which I need to let go of, and the card behind that one is What belief/way of being will help me with a better flow with life.

Well, my pull: strength was in front of the tower. This makes sense to me. The thing is there were no cards behind the tower.

I have not asked this question before.

I don’t think it is playing silly buggers with me but it definitely isn’t giving me an answer. I think it could be that the answer for the questions are all in the strength card. Or, there is no answer yet. I have to be open to what will come and give space to something yet to be seen. Maybe “I don’t know, we’ll see when we get there” is the answer to helping me release the old unhelpful belief.

Would you see this as the deck playing with me?


What if that is the answer? What if the solution to releasing that which you need to let go of, is in figuring out what beliefs will help you with a better flow with life on your own?


That is bang on. Once I read what you wrote, it resonated with me. Wow! Thanks!! That’ll be a lot of work but I imagine so worth it!


The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself. - Plato

Wishing you a wonderful journey. :black_heart:


Thank you! :pink_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to this! It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks :sweat_smile: I’m catching up and losing things, all at the same time.

An interesting perspective to consider is this: What if your belief/approach that will help is nothingness – just letting things exist as they are rather than trying to change them, muscle through them, or rationalize them? Sometimes, there are answers in what seems like a non-answer. Just because there were no cards there doesn’t mean the deck didn’t answer. It could be that it was the most obvious way to give you the answer you needed to see.

This could also be it! There’s no answer right now, and it might be that you need to be okay with that.

Whatever the answer is, and whichever you resonate with, I’m sure you’ll come to understand the reading all in good time!