Tarot Poem 3. The Empress

Here is another in my series of tarot haikus. Hope y’all like it!

The Empress


Ultimate Mother.
Creative nature Herself.
Family, abundance.


Cold. Domestic strife.
Controlling and disruptive.
No satisfaction.


Love it! :heart: these are wonderful!


Thanks, @Limeberry! It’s a great way to get it in my head too!


Wonderful! I felt like singing them as I read.

Especially the words “family, abundance” on the first one! That has a musical ring to it :musical_note:

Very good, Kasie!! :clap: :clap:


Thank you so much @Francisco! I’m so glad it stuck in your head!


This definitely is a great way to put them to memory. Great job Kasie!:grin:


Thanks, @Tamera! Glad you liked it! :smiley:


Two more gorgeous poems- bravo, @kasie! :clap::heart_eyes: I think you captured both faces of the Empress very well- she can be the epitome of love, warmth, and unity or the icy destruction that rips a family apart.

I often forget about the nature aspect of the Empress- I’m glad you touched on it here! Haikus only have a few words and yet you are able to pack so much emotions and many aspects within. You have truly mastered this format- well done! :grin::two_hearts:


Thank you love! I’m happy you liked them! I’m not gonna get pregnant and I only read for myself so far to I tend to skip over that meaning to the card. That maybe leads to me being open to other meanings. If you get my meaning. LOL.

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! :kissing_heart:


:laughing: Future pregnancies aside, I think there’s a lot more to the Mother archetype than having an uterus. Trans women or people who can’t give birth can still embody the qualities of this Divine Mother energy (in my opinion).

It’s someone who “nurtures others through being a nanny, foster parent or babysitter. Still others nurture a business, co-workers, and employees”

-From this blog: The Mother Archetype

Famous examples of the mother archetype include:

  • Mother Goose,
  • Old Mother Hubbard,
  • The Old Woman in the Shoe,
  • Naomi (from the book of Ruth),
  • Mother Theresa,
  • Both the Wicked Step-Mother and Fairy Godmother from Cinderella,
  • The Madonna (Mary, mother of Jesus).
  • Kwan Yin, the Asian goddess of compassion, exemplifies nurturing feminine energy. Doreen Virtue notes that Kwan Yin has been considered the “Mother Mary of the East”.
  • Even Gaia/Mother Nature is an expression of the Mother archetype.

Yes, and I absolutely agree! :grinning: As I learn the cards there are some that I’ve really connected with (like The Fool and The World) and are easy to see many meanings. But others I still don’t know as well and they get stuck with one- or two-word definitions (random example here: Tower = chaos or Death =change). Sometimes getting stuck with these simple definitions closes doors to other interpretations- something your haikus go around to find deeper meanings! :clap::grin:

I think your fresh take on The Emperess looks beyond some of the sticky stereotypes and takes a deeper look at what this figure means! I love @Francisco’s write-up here as well :+1: There’s so much more to being a strong woman figure and powerful matriarch than just having babies!


True. One can give birth to a new idea. Or a story. It just seems most of the books I have a focus on actual physical pregnancies. Which is very limiting when you think about it.

Aw, thanks hon! I’m trying to be original with these haikus, I’m honored you like them. And yes, there is so much more to being a mother than pushing out a kid. One can give birth to new business or ideas, or be a mother to someone they adopted. Anything. It’s a great post @Francisco did. I agree with him and will keep that in mine when I draw the Empress next.


Ohhh this is so true! :star_struck: The characters and stories people write into existence are their creations. The Emperess could, in this sense, represent creativity and the arts as well! :art:

Ohhh this is a whole new definition and aspect to the card that I really resonate with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: