Tarot Poem: The Seven of Wands


Courage and effort.
Challenged but victorious.
Success is in reach.


Doubting your purpose.
Accept what cannot be changed.
Overwhelming fears.


Thanks for this poem! This is a card that says a lot with very little. I see it as fighting to keep the ground that we have earned, as in “work is never over” even when you are successful.

I also like the version of this card in the Universal Goddess tarot deck:



This is one powerful poem- I love how with each line you build up emotion, and by the last line I really feel like victory is right there, waiting to be claimed! :trophy: :star2:

Beautiful, @Amethyst- thank you so much for these haikus! :heart:

Wow, this card really shows the fight for survival! :muscle:

I love seeing different interpretations of the cards :blush: Adding in two decks that I have here next to me for additional comparison!

The Seven of Wands from the Ostara Tarot (left) and the Seven of Wands from the Mystical Manga Tarot (right):


I love that card @Francisco! The look on her face as she’s fighting says so much. Glad you liked the poem! :hugs:

:blush: Thank you, my dear! I’m glad you like them!


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