Tarot Poems: The Six of Cups


Childhood memories.
Loyalty, nostalgia, love.
Good thing from the past.


Stuck in the far past.
Need to move on from old hurts.
Melancholy blues.


Gorgeous as always, @Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was just thinking about past/future meditations after something @Abs53 mentioned about the Libra Full Moon this weekend:

Reading your lovely haiku made me think that the theme of balance between past and future ties in perfectly with The Six of Cups!

  • The Upright reading of this card is about the good things of your past- how the past can help and support the current and future versions of you
  • The Reversed reading of this card is about being stuck in the past to the point of being unable to move forward.

I think the Six of Cups is a great “scale” that appears in readings to show us if we are in or out of a past/future balance :balance_scale:

Just an interesting thought that your poem inspired- thanks so much for sharing, Kasie! I love reading these :heart:


@TheTravelWitch Oh yeah - very nice connection, ill remember that!

@Amethyst I love these - they’re great in helping memorise the cards! I’m getting there, but some of them I still need to check my notes!

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You’re welcome! I hadn’t even noticed that, but it fits! Glad you liked it!

I think everyone checks their notes or books. What I do is write down what I see, how I interpret it and then see what the books say and compare. Sometimes I’m right one, and sometimes I’m way off. I’ll get there yet!