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I am working in my Writual tarot planner. I pulled a reading for the new moon in Aquarius (first time doing this spread) Other than the 10 of wands they were all major arcana. Lots of work to be done.
Anyhoo, the question in the book is: what have I released since the last new moon. The card was the High Priestess. I used my pendulum to see if this card was reversed or not. I don’t normally read reversals (with cards being upright or not) but I read them typically on a spectrum. However, I will use the pendulum on certain cards if the energy isn’t clear to me. The pendulum then helps me pinpoint if it is upright or if the energy is blocked, mirrored, protection, shadow etc.

The High Priestess is upright.

Would it make sense that I would read this as I released blocking my intuition?

That is what is coming to me but it didn’t come to me right away. (I am sure I have more unblocking to do). Some cards in some positions to certain questions just stump me.


Hi @Phoenix_Rose,

Oof. When it’s all major arcana, you know there’s some big news and some key themes there! Sounds like it was a very worthwhile read :grinning: :+1:

I’m always in the school of thought that the person closest to the situation is able to give the best read, and honestly I think I probably would have come to the same conclusion if I was using this question and got the same card!

As symbol of what you’ve released since the last new moon, the High Priestess could certainly point to an unblocking or release of your intuition and spiritual powers. She could point to your deeper consciousness becoming more accessible and that barriers that previously stood in your way have now been removed.

No matter how I twist my head and look at the card and the question, it seems like all good things and an overall pat on the back for you. You’ve made good progress since the previous new moon, @Phoenix_Rose! :clap::heart::new_moon_with_face:


Thanks @BryWisteria !!!


I agree with this. However, sometimes I worry that I am fooling myself or my desires are getting in the way. Hence why sometimes I reach out to others. Of course, with a good shielding and intention I may be able to shield myself from my ego creating a narrative…it is so good at that…usually to the negative though :crazy_face:


I’d say you’re spot on with your interpretation. I would interpret it the same way :blush:


Another interpretation that came to me was the High Priestess as a role and a narrative, with all the expectations that we tend associate with it, all the ways things “should be done” or how they “should look” to fit that role… maybe there’s something there you have released?


Thanks @CelestiaMoon! That could be what is unblocking. It makes sense. :green_heart::green_heart:


I feel you- our egos can truly be our own worst enemies! :sweat_smile: It certainly never hurts to reach out and get a second opinion on things. Sometimes having another point of view, even if it isn’t the exact answer, can help shift our sights to get to exactly what we need to see.

And that’s what a coven is for! We’re here and always happy to help one another however we can :handshake: :heart::blush:

Lots of love to you, @Phoenix_Rose- blessed be! :sparkles:


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