Tarot Question

Hello everyone,

I was looking for advice from the tarot experts in the coven. I use tarot and have an understanding of their meanings, drawing a card each day for guidance. This is where the problem lies. When I draw my daily card, I make a quick sketch and record my thoughts regarding the meanings. However, I then do not know where to go from there.

How do I use the messages from my card throughout the day?
What can I do to make the most of the energies of the card?

Your advice and suggestions would be appreciated.

Blessed Be



Hello @Cosmic_Curiosity reading a daily card can be a challenge even for an experienced reader.

For me, I look at my daily card as how I can implement that energy into my day rather than trying to see how it has shown up in my day.

For example, if I pulled a 9 of swords card (ugh) I would remind myself to get out of my head, to stop obsessing over what is nagging me. I would focus on action that day. When a thought starts to plague me I say ‘stop’, breath in and out, then dive right into my work. I also remind myself that ‘this too shall pass’. If I had a moment I would also ask myself how I could shift my perspective.

As well, if I pulled the 9 of swords on a weekend, I may just give myself a pj day and eat chocolate or ice cream and watch tear jerkers. However, if I felt I was wallowing too much then I would to something in contrast to the energy of the 9 of swords like get dressed and spend time with friends having fun or doing something carefree or volunteering.

Blessed be @Cosmic_Curiosity!


Like @Phoenix_Rose mentioned, I use them like prompts to remind myself of anything that I might struggle with or could get a good outcome out of.

So, if there’s a card about struggles coming up, I brace myself, make sure I don’t take any big risks or new projects, and play things safely. If it’s something very positive, I might use it as an opportunity to ride that wave of positive energy by undertaking some task or project that would benefit from it.

Sometimes just by doing the draw and delving into the meanings behind what appears in the card, we’ve already done enough to get us through the day. We’re not always going to have things to action throughout the entire day and that’s okay. :smile:


Hello @Cosmic_Curiosity

Other thoughts- depending on how you use tarot ( personal development and/or predictive of outcomes or things to happen) I have thought of other things that may help-
-have you noted a pattern of events that happen and a correspondence of particular cards.

You can then decide if you wish to work with the energy of that card or block the card- counter act it.
-you can use an affirmation for that card for the day

e.g- 5 of wands shows up when you have a difficult meeting. You can then either work with the energy of that card or block the energy of that card during the meeting and see if it turns out differently, at least for you. Example of blocking energy of the 5 of wands- planning before acting, recognizing that everyone has unique talents, not engaging- at least if things are getting difficult. Example of engaging the energy- shake things up a bit,

You can use an affirmation for that energy- I can bring order to any situation. Or remember what Victor Frankl said - between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space , how are you showing up? What can you do to change. How do you see the 5 of wands showing up for you

Some may pull another card to clarify what energy to use but if you are trying to delve into the card, it can be helpful to just look at that card and the different ways it can show up- irregardless of whether you pulled it upright or reversed

have you noticed a court card showing up when you are dealing with a certain person- or do you respond certain ways to certain people on the day the court card shows up, are you being called to represent that energy that day


You’ve gotten some great advice already - I just wanted to add my thoughts, too!

If I don’t have a specific question in mind for the day, then I look at the card through a self-reflection lens. To follow @Phoenix_Rose’s example of the Nine of Swords, I may think about how anxiety and worry affect my day. I might reflect on things that I’m holding on to that aren’t actually all that scary, or I might take it as a sign to let myself have more fun.

If I pulled The Sun, for example, I might take that as an opportunity to reflect on the things I’m grateful for. The Three of Swords might be a reflection on heartbreak and loss, what lessons can be learned from those experiences, and what I might learn about myself during them.

The cards don’t necessarily deal with things I’m going to see in my day, but I feel like I can always learn something from them when I pull one.


OHH! That’s a great piece of advice! “Pull another card to clarify!” Love it.


Hi, Alan!
Are you into Moonology or Astrology at all? I use aps on my phone which detail positions of the moon and planets. Some might find ap horoscopes hokey but what I like about these aps is that they incorporate the position of the moon and planets in relation to each other and with relation to moon phase, then detail the expected energies/influences to be in play for a particular day, month, hour, what have you. Some things are very specific, like what hour of the day you are in…not just the day of Saturday being related to things of Saturn influence, but even the HOUR of the day, in the month of Capricorn, in the hour of Capricorn, that sort of thing. So, if you find yourself stumped on how to view your daily card, perhaps you could view that card in light of the position of the planets…what influences are most at work each day? ~ Kindly Blessings


@Phoenix_Rose thanks for that i like the idea of using it almost as a set up for the day and what to expect rather than a reflection at the end. This would allow me to consider how to tackle issues that may arise. I perhaps should cross reference the cards with events amthat occur and star kioking for patrerns…then i may know what to expect.

@starborn i agree perhaps i am looking too much for something happening based on the card. Jist knowing and understanding the meaning may be the purpose for that day.

@MeganB i like that idea of using it as a reflection tool because sometimes i dont have a question. This would be a good way to identify my stengths and areas that I need to work on.

@shelly1 yes i do like a bit of astrology. Using planetary days and hours and the transits of the planets could add extra depth to the cards meaning. Great idea.

Thank you all for your help. I knew I would get some wonderful suggestions from you.

Blessed be



Anytime! :hugs: I’m glad I could help!