Tarot reading on my emotional state

Past : two of cups

Most likely meaning my emotions were in perfect union with my soul and mind

Present : nine of swords

Probably meaning my emotions have taken a turn and are completely unstable currently

Future : page of pentacles

I believe it means i need to work and plan to keep my emotions from going haywire like they are currently.


Great job with your reading, Nikita! :tada:

It sounds like you may want to follow up this reading with another reading- perhaps even just a one card draw for additional insights on what kind of work/planning will best help you to manage your emotions.

Your cards have given you a direction to go in, as the Pages are often messengers and heralds of what is to come. Now it’s time to make a plan of action and then begin moving forward! :sunrise_over_mountains: :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


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