Tarot Reading Progress

So I have been doing tarot/oracle readings on myself for a while, literally everyday, for about a year. I love it, seems so natural for me.

At this time I have gotten better, I think anyways, with my interpretations of the cards but then again it was on me. Every now and then someone will let me do a reading on them and I feel great about. Nervous but great, confident. I still need ‘cheat sheets’ to help guide me in the direction and my go-to spread is a 3 card spread. Did a 6 card full moon spread a while back and it knocked me out for 24 hours spiritually and mentally. So I only do the 3 card for now.

I have found that my opinion of my cards has changed a bit. I used to think they had their own personalities. I still adhere to that to a degree but more it’s the spiriet guide that comes forward to help you. I no longer think it is dictated by the deck and I no longer find names for them. The ones with names I have kept but any new decks I no longer interview or name. I find they are a tool and the spirit that works with you is the one with the personality, not the deck itself.

I have done some work with my spirit guides and found I have 8 primary ones that help me. I have enjoyed looking into that and find out who they are. So far I have ‘spoken’ to 3 of them. One is androgynous, so my guess has never had a human form. 2 others are females from ancestry, from Scotland. One is from the 1600’s, the other born in the late 1920s in Scotland. Now how accurate this is, well, open for interpretation but I felt confident I was on the right track. The 4th I figured she would be around and that is my grandmother on my mom’s side-- she is Polish and I knew when she passed some 20 years ago or so that yeah, she would be one to stick around for her family.

Recently I did reading for a friend/co-worker, 3 so far. And each time he said they were accurate. Even one he said he felt ‘energy’ around him and it was weird, he had never experienced something like that. Made my day and boosted my confidence, lol. My other friend and co-worker said the same thing about a 12 month read I did for her in December last year. My read said someone close to her would work hard and have a break through in June of this year. Turns out it was a mental health doctor they had been working hard and waiting on to get with. So I was happy about that.


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene Amazing! :clap:
Just be sure to protect yourself it may help with some energy drainage. It sounds like you’re doing a great job! Keep it up and share your successes! :heart::people_hugging::blush:


Wow, you are doing great!


It sounds like your tarot journey is going wonderfully, Dierna- congrats to you! May you continue to enjoy and thrive in your readings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It sounds like all of your hard work with tarot is paying off! :clap: Its great when those breakthroughs in practice happen - even better when those breakthroughs are backed up by the positive feedback of others. Amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m sure you’ll get even better as you keep up with the practice!


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