Tarot Space Setup

How do you set up your space for tarot readings?

I live with a friend while trying to get my own living situation under control. I used to use the dining room table…the “centerpiece” was a little altar and I loved it. It was private during the day while my friend and sons were at work during the day and while my daughter was at school.

However, other people have since moved in and the dining room is no longer a private place. I do have a desk in my room but it is a rolltop and prevents me from being able to burn candles…plus it is small and cramped.

Basically I’ve stopped reading cards because I don’t have a good place to do so. I’ve done some online readings but I miss the physical cards in my hands. I’m thinking about trying to get my hands on a card table to squeeze into my room…lol…but we’ll see.

Anyways, all that to say, I would love some ideas on how others set up their own space for tarot readings.


@chelsie3 I do the odd tarot, but prefer rune/oracle. I don’t have a space to do either, I do them on the go. My runes are wooden and in a little bag, so they’re light and I take them with me everywhere , in my handbag. I pull them in the car, on my lap, on the grass outside, the footstool in the front room, anywhere, no ritual or candles, just a prayer and question then go for it. My house is chaotic as my kids, husband, are all on different schedules so there’s always comings and goings. (My altar is on a bookshelf, no special table :person_facepalming::joy:). Same with the oracle, it’s in a cloth bag, chucked in my bag if I feel like taking it out with me, or I keep it in my bookshelf and just read it on the go. So basically you can still do your readings wherever you are, if that helps. :sparkling_heart:


I do tarot on my bed if I want to do a spread or just draw a card wherever. It isn’t a super awesome setup but it works. Maybe you could get a little lap desk to set up a temporary alter and make it feel more special? I light the candle on a table in the room but don’t worry about it being in the same spot.


My readings don’t tend to happen anywhere special - usually, just sitting here at my desk. I’ll burn a candle on one of the safe surfaces, center myself, and do whatever reading I need to do. It doesn’t have to be fancy - it just has to work for you.

I like @Pouncequick’s idea of getting a lapdesk if that’s something that would be easy for you!


I don’t have a permanent altar and space has always been a juggling point for me too. When I’m on the road I usually bring one small deck with me- if I get the chance to read while in a hotel room or staying with someone, I’ll often just clean and make the bed and then lay the spread out on the clean sheets. I recently got a tarot cloth (same as a small altar cloth), which helps a lot- you can lay it anywhere (on the bed, any table or flat surface, even a clean carpet or floor) and it helps to set the mood and space for readings :blush:

I’m seeing some great suggestions by the others- I hope you can find what works for you and be able to comfortably do your readings, Chelsie! :flower_playing_cards:

Blessed be :heart:


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