Tea blends you can make at home

Thought I would share some of our favorite tea blends that you can make at home.

In all these you can as much or as little as you wish to fancy your taste buds

Honeybush Chai - nice relaxing but spicy tea.
Honeybush leaves
Cinnamon Bark
Ginger Root
Cocoa Nibs

Ginger Tea - smooth citrus taste with just a little bite. We use this when we have a sore throat or allergies.
Ginger Root
Licorice Root
Peppermint Leaves
Blue Cornflowers

Nighttime tea - drink this before bed to relax you and help you sleep
Valerian Root
Honeybush Leaves or tea
Chamomile Flowers
Spearmint Leaves
Passion Flowers
Lemon Balm
Lavender Flowers
Dried Cherries
Blue Cornflowers.

I hope you guys enjoy these. We are always experimenting with new flavors so I post more in the future.


Thanks so much for sharing these tea blends :blush: :tea:
Iā€™m a big fan of ginger tea, so I definitely have to try that one!

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Awesome! Yes, keep them coming! The nighttime one sounds delicious

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Ohhhh that Honeybush Chai sounds incredible! And with cocoa nibs too- must be decadent :yum::tea:

Thank you so much for sharing these tea blends, @daniel4! :two_hearts: