Tea Storage in Violet Bottles

As a gift to myself, I ordered a monthly tea subscription from https://clubmagichour.com/. I noticed that she kept her teas in dark violet apothecary 500 ml bottles. I did some research and found a supplier https://infinityjars.com/. They are very expensive. However, if you do not use herbs or teas within a year or so and are using them for medicinal reasons the investment is worth it. You can reuse them forever, refilling the bottles with your new product. Once again, EXPENSIVE! I am interested in herbal medicine (beginner). I just want my purchases to last. PS, herbs bought for magical use do not need to be stored this way. From what I have read, the power of the herb (age) does not matter in magic. What matters is the essence of the plant. For medicinal or culinary use freshness matters.


Thank you for sharing the links :slight_smile:. I just browsed through the website for the monthly tea subscriptions. It’s so very Japonesque which I’m very much into. When my husband traveled to Japan on business he would always bring me a gift e.g. a happy coat (similar to a Kimono), a Japanese tea set, sake etc. He hasn’t been for the last few years. But now I can have access to something closer by :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Bad part, my credit card will take a beating :rofl: There’s some journals with titles of Magic that’s caught my eye!


@TheTravelWitch this looks like it would interest you :coffee::heart_eyes:

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You know me so well, @mrs! :laughing: :two_hearts: You’re so right- I love this website!!! Thank you so much for sharing, @wendy4! I could easily get lost looking at all the gorgeous teas and tea accessories- the tea sets and strainer set are especially eye-catching :eyes::heart::tea:

Unfortunately it would be international shipping from CA to the USA so I’ll have to refrain from any physical purchases :cry:. But the Blog looks amazing!!! It’s all tea and magic and ahhhhh! The best things in life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t wait to read through all the articles!!! So exciting! :heart_eyes:

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