Temujin's Entry - Witchy Challenge - History of Magic

This was a very interesting exploration of witchy history- I didn’t know much about the Inquistion, but this shed a light on some of the darker aspects. Really well explained, @Temujin_Calidius! It does seem like this week’s challenge theme aligned perfectly with what you were already exploring :+1:

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Awakening and being more mindful (as well as learning stop, be aware, and then be grateful) has been a huge part of my journey into spirituality and is what largely lead me towards identifying as a witch. The Craft is so connected with the natural world- it really helps me to stay grounded and enjoy the moment.

Even still- I do find myself having those “automatic” and “brain fog” moments on busy work days! But certainly much less than before.

Thanks so much for this deep-dive into witchy history, Temujin! You have quite a way with words- it was a very powerful read :pray::blush: