Thank you!

It s so wonderful all this new inspiration I find here. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed because I like it all! Then I have to tell myself to take my time, I cannot do all at once :smile:I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart :heart: The inspiration, the information, and friendly comments in the forum.
I love it!:heart_eyes:


@martje I know exactly how you feel. I am still looking around and finding tons of new stuff all over. I have to remind myself to take a break. So much to learn, and I love to learn! It’s so great to have a place like this, I am also very grateful to be here with all the great people. And also grateful to meet new people joining like you and know that I am not on my learning journey alone. :star: :star: :star:


:heart::pray:t2::kissing_heart::four_leaf_clover:nice to meet you too!



“Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed.”

It’s not unusual to be overwhelmed by the extensive Library of Knowledge offered here. But remember–>

  1. Every one of us have been there.
  2. Everyone us here for you so don’t be afraid to throw out questions, or even just to vent.

You are warm and kind & it gives me joy to know you.
Be blessed, be safe & know you are loved.


Thank you, you touch me :heart:


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