That Friday Feeling 😍

I’m all set up for a lovely afternoon and evening of meditation and magic.
I’ve brewed a larger-than-usual pot of hibiscus and honey moon water tea for my so I have some leftover for @TheTravelWitch’s Raspberry Honey Concoction later! (18/21+!) Alcohol + Intent = Potion 🍸
I have some devotionals for today’s deities lined up and my pink candle and rose quartz ready!
Feeling the love! :heart:

I do similar set ups most days but for some reason Friday just feels a little more special!
Maybe its the love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Does anyone else get a bit excited on a Friday? What do you do?
Any special spells going on?
Gosh she talks a lot. Sorry :joy:

Much love xx


It is the love! Now I have that song by Fergie called “where is the love”…:notes: …the love…the love!! :grin:


It’s definitely the love!

Fridays are a great day to cultivate self-love: Take a long, hot bath, sip your drink and work on any self-care routines you’ve been wanting to try!

Also these:


Thank you for sharing these with me!
Absolutely beautiful ideas! I can’t wait to give these a try :heart:


I agree completely, @LimeBerry- there’s something special in the energy of Fridays, especially Friday evenings! It’s inspirational :sparkling_heart: Although I’m afraid it’s rather the opposite of Monday mornings :sweat_smile: I’m missing the weekend already!

I hope you had a wonderful time with the devotionals, and it sounds like you had a very blessed and tasty Venus’ Concotion for Love and Protection :clinking_glasses: :two_hearts:

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