The Devil's Call

As some of you may know, I’m new at witchcraft and before I started researching on witch craft and paganism. I’m a born again Christian. I haven’t been going to church as much as I did before. As my questions and doubts about Chistianity grew, so did my interest with Paganism and witchcraft. I never really had any doubts about God. I always knew in my heart he’s real. But it was the things that were written in the bible that I was in doubt about. (since they were just written by humans too) I always asked myself, how can we be so sure that this is really what God wants or if it is really God’s word. That’s
just my own thoughts.

Now I’m really really interested with witchcraft and have been using all my free time into researching. I’ve always strayed away from any topic that has to do with Black magic or the Devil as it creeps the living sht out of me. So it didnt really bother me much even though I was a Christian studying witchcraft as my morals would have me believe I wasnt doing hexes or anything bad. One time, I came across a grimoire which had a topic about summoning lucifer to make deals with him. I just made a quick skim through it but it required sacrifice which I also find creepy and didn’t mind it much. But sometimes I would imagine, what if I made a deal with the devil and asked for knowledge and magick, (like the ones in the television that included flying and teleportation and such) what would he ask for in return. Again, I know magicks are more subtle than that but its just me imagining ad guessing like how we mightve wondered once in our lifetime, what if we could bring dinosaurs back and such.

I know some of you or most of you do not believe in the Devil. But I think he might’ve sensed my enthusiasm and interest in witchcraft. I woke up to the most realistic dream I can ever remember. I was with 3 woman. I cant remember much how everything went down but they were witches. One of them appeared to be a nun. I was asking them how I can have powers. They were discussing some methods to me and all of a sudden their eyes turned all black. And their skins have turned white. They were chanting something and I barely remember what it was but one line struck in my head. “Say the Lord’s name in vain when he is Slain” (at 3am or pm?) And they were trying to make me chant with them. As they were chanting I can feel my lower rib crushing in my dreams. Mostly, in our dreams we didnt have much choices and everything’s in slowmotion. But I remember thinking about everything. I tried to pray. It crushed them but my words got all gibberish and they started chanting again. My curiosity got the best of me. I thought of how it would feel to have visible unrealistic magic. And I chanted with them. Im not sure if I finished the whole thing but I can remember how I had a hard time breathing as I went further with the chant.

Don’t get me wrong what I told you about me imagining about making deals with the devil was only about me wondering what price he asks for. And it was just once that I’ve wondered. I dont give it much thought. Watching CAOS made me believe maybe Lucifer aint that bad and maybe he’s reasonable? So I never thought I’d ever have a dream where he will have me making a mockery of God’s name. Any thoughts? Some of you may or may not believe God or the devil but it felt real to me. Should I be worried? Should I be making some protection spell? Can any of you interpret dreams?

P. S. My parents are aware of my interest in witchcraft and that I have been studying. (With great power comes great responsibility, spidey said and I know all these come with risks so whatever happens I thought they should know what I’ve been up to) They didnt stop me from doing it but I’ve made them aware of the dream that I’ve had and they said maybe I should stop or think twice. They said they wouldn’t wanna be seeing me floating like Emily Rose. (some story about Exorcism)


:star:For the pain in your ribs, this is what I got:
When you dream about ribs it’s generally associated with feelings of insufficiency- you are only seeing part of something not the whole picture in your waking hours. So you can’t make a decision based on so little. Ribs can also signify a sadness you might be feeling too as they are representative of death.

:star:And as for making deals with the devil,
The dream is a comment about extremes. The perfectionist in you tries to live up to others’ standards but being perfect is hard work and stressful; another part of you wants to let go and be devilish and out of control. The thought of letting loose can be scary yet also brings happiness as you imagine being free from the “good girl” image.

The dream is a message to find the middle ground between the extreme of trying to be perfect and wanting to free yourself from being at others’ beck and call.

Bottom Line: You are looking for a way to be yourself and find balance. The dream says: “Don’t be such a goody-goody” and at the same time tells you, “There’s no need to go to the other extreme and become devlish, either”. Build in play time spurts of “being bad”.

:star: As for the witches chanting,
Sorcerers who cast spells can mean someone wants your loss. There is no miracle in receiving this information through dreams. It is because your subconscious has seen something in someone they cannot understand.
During the day, we receive a lot of simultaneous information, some of which we don’t consciously understand, but that doesn’t mean that our minds haven’t felt it at all. This dream is trying to show you that someone is trying to fool you.

:sun_with_face:I hope this helps you find something out of your dream.


Honestly I have all sorts of weird dreams. I’ve always dreamed incredibly vividly (sight, sound, smell, colour all real) and it’s often my way of my subconscious working through what’s on my conscious mind but in an amplified way.

I don’t take my dreams literally but I do look at the themes and what they’re trying to tell me.


At this moment, the message doesn’t add up. I’m trying my best to make sense of it but maybe I will understand what it (my dream and the interpretation you sent) meant soon enough. But I truly appreciate it thank you so much. :heart:


I wish I could somehow interpret it or try to squeeze some sense out of it. I haven’t even been thinking about anything dark these days as I’ve only invested my time in Herbalism and collecting ingredients. It’s too sudden. But maybe it’s like a warning and maybe I’ll be able to tell what it meant in the upcoming days. Its just so scary. :confounded:


I’m gonna go with the psychological route here real quick. Our brains are funny things and will pick up on symbols and our feelings throughout the day to replay them at night in our dreams. I don’t believe dreams always mean something, though they can. Reading through your post and your dream, it is very possible that your subconscious mind has picked up the symbolism of the Devil, the three witches, the black eyes and pale skin, etc. from around you during your waking life and created a dream about it since you had thoughts previously.

As an example, I follow a lot of people online that are devotees of Hekate. I also have a snake. There was a period of time around one of Her holy days where people were posting everywhere about Her and, my brain picking up on that, She ended up in my dreams more than once. I had to interpret for myself what this meant, so divination, meditation, and waiting it out showed me that it was just my subconscious mind picking things up during the day. Hekate had no current interest in me and that was it.

I don’t think simply thinking of an entity (in your case, the Devil) will get their attention. If that were true, anyone studying anthropology or religion would constantly be bombarded with entities in their life. I think if you’re truly worried about the dream, you may want to do some form of divination to get some answers (if that’s something you’re comfortable with) or spend some time practicing your shields and warding. Try not to worry about it too much because, as I said, our brains are funny things and we can sometimes trick ourselves into thinking that bad things are going to happen.

As for dream interpretation, again, dream symbolism is highly personal and subjective. While it may be helpful to check out dream journals or get the opinions of others, only you can figure out what’s really going on in your subconscious mind.


I totally agree. Dreams are often just our brain’s way of sorting through what our mind has been mulling over, but in an exaggerated way.

Sometimes my worst fears play out in my dreams as if they were real and I end up feeling like absolute s**t when I wake up.

But they aren’t often prophetic. Sometimes they are but that’s a spooky story for another day…


Has everyone knows, I have been into a lot of practices, Daemonolatry has one of them. I’m not going to debate about the Devil and Lucifer existence; in which is true, but on what you said @KylieEy about making a pact or bargain, please don’t.
On my conversation with Lucifuge Rofocale, one who sits as Prime Minister, head of the Underworld Council and Lord of Hell. I asked him this exact words. Am I going to lose my soul? I was going into a change process, my Guides, readings let me knew that I was going into a big shift on my practice. Rofocale said that he could help me, and give to me all the knowledge I wanted. Is in that moment that I asked the question I mentioned above. In which without hesitation he answered that yes, that I had to pay a price for it. In which respectfully I decided to not take that route.
Ones you make a bargain with whatever God, Goddesses, or Being you have to stick with it. I knew of people that ones they had what they ask for, they backed out. On this there’s no backing out, or stay and keep your part of the bargain, or receive the consequences of backing off.
This is my small advice on the matter.


To me there is so many different things going on for you in this dream. First and foremost we should acknowledge your previous religion. As you go about your path to your own spirituality and are doing more research into the craft you’re most likely going to be confronted with certain decisions you’ll have to make. Some of them are uncomfortable. One of those being that witchcraft for many years was persecuted by Protestants religions and Christianity. It was considered devil worship. I’m guessing the naive version of your previous religion instilled a fear that by seeking your own knowledge you are ‘making a deal with the devil’ of sorts. As a person that believes in inner spirituality and guides above all religion, I would say you are transforming your inner wisdom. Your beliefs and your morals are being challenged and you are honoring yourself by finding your own information literacy. As you move further into witchcraft you will discover many many different things. Different paths to take. Ask yourself which road is meant for you? Do you know what is right from wrong? If so follow your own path. Not that of any deity that you believe my have influence over you. Witchcraft is all about intention. You put your intentions into your own universe. You choose to either be good or bad by what you do. The devil has been depicted around the world, different cultures, different witchcraft beliefs as either a good or bad entity. There is one main constant beneath all the myths, legends, lore, and stories: the devil is change. Whenever I think of the devil I think of transformation. What is changing in my life? Where does my heart lie? Change is chaotic, unpredictable and can sometimes be referred to good or bad when it’s happening. Change is exhausting. But ultimately, the end result could be completely unexpected. I know this is all jumbled thoughts put down as a response, I have a hard time explaining things I see or interpret. I would do some more research on the subject to get a better understanding of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. I recently read a book directly related to the subject called: Horns of power. Also you might research dream interpretations as well. This is a rabbit hole that will keep you guessing for a long time but finding yourself at the end is the reward for time sacrificed. :blue_heart:


This is a beautiful interpretation @christina4 , I agree!


Hey there!

I personally don’t think there is anything to be concerned about, as this dream seems like it was emotionally charged and born of uncertainty regarding your new path. Our emotions and feelings have a large impact on our dreams, whether or not we’re aware of them. There are all sorts of different types of dreams, including symbolic, prophetic, out of body experiences and visitations. It can be confusing to distinguish which type of dream is which at first, but ultimately this is something only you can decide for yourself. You might find this article on dream interpretation to be a helpful guide.

Each person has a unique symbolic language which their subconscious mind uses to communicate with them. Due to this, a dream will mean something different to each person, regardless of what happens in it. Regarding your concern about the devil as a spiritual entity, I don’t think there is anything to worry about personally because I feel that belief creates power, so if you believe there is nothing to worry about, this is likely to be so. Further, the Universe seems to work off of consent, which is why curses often (but not always) backfire. As a general rule of thumb, entities need to have permission before they can affect you. In order for a spiritual being to be able to affect your life, it will usually need you to agree to work with it first. This is generally the case for all entities, including angels.

My Two Cents.


You are highly knowledgeable and wise!!! I love your feedback and the way you explain things!!! Thank you! :owl:


Thank you so much!!! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love it! Love it love it!!! It’s the truth and thanks for pointing that out :relaxed:


You’re welcome, thank you! :grinning: I’ve taken a few classes and read several books on archangels and one thing they always say is that you must ask them to step in before they’ll do anything, even if you need help badly, not because they don’t want to help but because they aren’t allowed to interfere without permission. We also see this in folklore, too… Faeries, demons, vampires, goblins etc knocking on doors to be let in because they are unable to enter without permission. I believe it’s true for all spiritual entities. Now, how they present themselves and who they say they are (vs who they actually are) might vary, but they should always need an invitation.


I love Infinite Roots. We have a diverse set of beliefs and with that comes a plethora of responses to each question. It’s truly a wonderful way to grow and learn.

I won’t dive into meanings behind dreams (a topic I know nearly nothing about) and I’ve already hammered home my beliefs about dark magic, spiritual evil, and the concept of a “biblical” devil. No reason to rehash all of that here. I have a simple question that may help you on your journey.

You said you were a born again Christian. That is an extremely specific form of Christianity that I also used to belong to. There can be a lot of baggage with that as you explore other belief systems. So my question is why not scrap all of the baggage and start from the ground up?

Let me explain.

Triggering Christian Concepts - People Hurt By The Christian Church Might Want To Avoid This Part

The need for Jesus dying on a cross, to Born Again Christians, is that he is the eternal blood sacrifice able to cover an infinite amount of sin from an all-powerful, creator God. Thanks to that covering we can have eternal life in heaven with Jesus, the Son of God.

It has it’s own strong, internal logic, when you are in that thought bubble, and that logic includes things like Jesus was God too, Jesus rose from the dead, through Jesus we fight against evil in the supernatural realm and we save people from eternal hellfire, the devil is a very real presence, the devil is the reason mankind fell into sin and the reason the Great Tribulation from Revelation needs to take place, and we need to follow the bible “The Word of God” if we want to be good followers of Jesus.

If one part of that house of cards goes, the whole house of cards can crumble. Then it’s easy to rebuild into something else. But throwing a domino in the place of a card is still asking for the house of cards to come down later in life.

While not true of everyone on here, I have seen many in our coven struggle with their own paths: they will go through immense pain or experience feelings of inadequacy in their new practices, and/or they will go through periods where they don’t feel connected to their craft. These same people came from more dominate faith systems and they never really tore the house of cards down and started from scratch. From the Christian traditions alone, we see former Catholics, Lutherans, and Southern Baptists on Spells8 who are now witches struggling in ways former agnostics might not because inadequacy is a feature built into the dominate faiths.

All of this is my reason for the question. And this question isn’t just to you. I don’t know anything about dreams but what you dreamed seems to have a lot of confusing things for you. I’m not saying this will absolutely work, but maybe throwing out all of the Born Again Christian teachings and starting fresh would help you with that confusion? IDK but it may be something to think about.

No matter what, I am wishing you the best on your new journey and I am happy you are here in our coven.


Definitely, unless is a low vibrational spirit which main job is to make peoples lifes miserable. This kind of spirit; like the famous shadow man that doesn’t mind of a invitation, have the tendency to get feed by peoples fear.


Thank you so much for the insight. I’ve actually given it a thought but It’s just hard to scrap something you’ve always believed in ever since I was a child but don’t get me wrong. The only thing about Christianity that I firmly believe in is the existence of God and Jesus and I’m actually still confused whether I should believe they’re one and the same or they’re father and son. Nonetheless, I’ve always prayed and generally in life, if I’m going to summarize everything, I’d still say I’m blessed. I pray for some things and I’m blessed with it but of course not everyone is God’s favorite. (not literally but you know what I mean) They say God will guide you through whatever it is that you’re aiming for but you have to work for it too. Or if it’s not being given to you then it’s not meant for you. So yeah right now I find comfort in settling with being a Polytheist. But I get your point. I know how it would be much easier for me to just start from scratch. :joy:

And about this coven’s diversity, I know right?! :sweat_smile: I was reluctant with this post at first but I knew I’d get more guidance from y’all, more than I can ever ask for. So I’m really glad to be here too! :heart:


Thanks for replying! :blush: Im not sure if you’re telling a story about someone else having a conversation with the devil or is it you that had this conversation with him. It’s fascinating and scary at the same time. And yes don’t worry, I don’t have any plans of making a bargain with the devil. :joy:


@MeganB @Katy_Mysticsens @jessika It’s been a couple of days since that awful dream and I’ve taken your advise to not give it too much thought and it hasn’t botbered me much. You guys are so knowledgeable! Thank you so much for the insights! :blush::hugs: