The dream world, how has it helped those here?

This is a good point, I’ve heard some strong pain medication for example can do it. I haven’t seen those dreams myself, but I have a feeling that they could be mirroring collective instead of personal consciousness, and that way feel more removed from our own lives.

Exactly, you explained it beautifully too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I feel like I’m at Hogwarts sometimes, there’s always something fabulous to learn. This is great. :grin::sparkling_heart:


Hmm… :thinking: that is a possibility! I had never thought of that. Now it makes me wonder about them and their potential meanings (if there are any) – too bad I can never remember my dreams :joy: that’s always the hardest part for me!

Aww yay! I’m glad :blush:

Yes, exactly this! :clap: It’s amazing how much there is to learn, always!


Interesting point. I, too, feel we are very much in control of the technology itself. :mage:

I think things like the mindless scrolling and so on aren’t inherent to the tools (technology), but the things provided on the tools to cause addiction intentionally. Because of that, I see the user experience (UX) of the apps we use as not technology, but more akin to the music played by an instrument. :musical_note:

Another analogy might be that our devices are like buildings, with each app being a different room offering a unique experience. Imagine walking down a vibrant street where every storefront is a spectacle, clamouring for your attention. The most enticing ones are often the most cunningly designed, luring you in and then, subtly or not so subtly, trying to keep you there as long as possible. :chains:

In this imaginary marketplace, our devices become the stage for many performances. Just like a violin can produce a haunting melody and a discordant screech, the same device can offer enriching experiences and mind-numbing distractions. It’s the composition played on the technology, the UX of the apps, that dictates whether we feel uplifted or drained. :face_exhaling:

I’m not sure if this will help, but code often gets a reputation for being complex and unfathomable, contributing to a sense of mystique around technology. But really, code is about straightforward, “dumb” logic. It’s a series of instructions, as literal as it gets, with no room for interpretation or improvisation. :zero: :one:

Code is very literal. A program can only follow the specific instructions given to it, with no ability to read between the lines. This nature can lead to amusing or frustrating outcomes. When programs act up, it’s often because the logic gets tangled, like wires crossed in a circuit. It’s not dissimilar to trying to multitask in a hurry and ending up causing minor chaos – like reaching for a boiling kettle, getting distracted by a knock at the door, and in the whirlwind, knocking over a vase. Or trying to pick up a plate, a mug, and a cat with one hand and dropping everything. :joy:

Okay, I think I just proved your point that they can feel as though there’s no control over them. :joy: Oops?

My new belief: code is both order and chaos combined, its ability to function, a precarious balance of simple instructions grown into complex structures akin to a gigantic digital Rube Goldberg machine. :yin_yang:


@starborn Technology :thinking:I have a love/hate relationship with it. Alot of my spiritual development is, admittedly done on my phone, my Spells8 app, my Labyrinth tarot app, my demon app, wiki app, kindle app. And my gallery of Loki, and Valhalla app, oh my days, it’s all here in my phone. :sparkling_heart: Then there’s Loki himself, who is a tech god, I think I’d loose my link a little if I didn’t have tech or WiFi going through. Oh and there’s zoom which is how I get my Psychic readings from The College of Psychic Studies, and my lessons with them, then there’s email to connect to my Aunty. Wow :exploding_head:, thinking now on tech am I an addict :crazy_face:.

Then I get overwhelmed, and I want to burn the thing, or it crashes or the data goes down and I just :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:, yes I’m an addict. :flushed::rofl:. I don’t scroll though, I don’t have social media, only WhatsApp and I don’t follow their update thingys, just text friends so I guess that doesn’t count as social media. Spells8 I class as a coven, so no, :face_with_monocle: no social media, I think.

Am I in control of my tech, no, I think Loki’s in control :rofl::joy:, don’t know if I’ve gone off point here, this is about dreams. I’ve never dreamt about tech, but I belief WiFi influences sleep patterns. I must admit I sleep heavier with WiFi off, but don’t remember my dreams as well. The College of Psychic Studies said entities love WiFi, so maybe as I leave it on, my dreams are more vivid? Don’t know. Before the days of tech magicians had vivid dreams? Maybe it’s just as it’s there, the WiFi, the gods use it, if it wasn’t there, they wouldn’t use it, or maybe it’s always been there, and they’ve always used it, we just didn’t know they used it, cuz we didn’t know it was there! :rofl: (That’s sounding alot like chaos, I’ll stop now, I’m confusing myself :flushed::joy:) :sparkling_heart:


I’m at my computer every waking hour of the day, for work, leisure, and socialising. I’m right there with you. :joy:

Although, whenever we’ve had power outages, I seem to just go read a book instead. Or go for a walk. Or have a bath. Or play a board game. Or my partner and I have one of our usual 1-6 hour long philosophical discussions. So perhaps that doesn’t fit. Addiction usually implies one gets stressed when the source of the addiction is lost, right? :thinking:

Maybe we aren’t addicted after all. :grin: :black_heart:


@starborn That’s true, if it goes down, I have an initial :flushed::sob:, then I too read a book, usually at Costas, as I’ll just go out :joy:, then that makes me a coffee addict (replacing the tech with caffeine :person_facepalming::rofl:), such fun :grin:


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This is a really beautiful depiction of code :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And it makes sense about the simplicity of the 0s and 1s- at that point, it does indeed seem very organized! It just seems to get so complicated so quickly after that- in the same way that languages do too. At first it’s all “hello” and “I am [name]” and then before you know it, it’s all exceptions and grammatical errors and :person_cartwheeling: :crazy_face:

The “order and chaos combined” is perfect! That seems fitting :blush: :heart:


Oh no. :joy: I have so many languages where that’s basically all I have.

But I’ve noticed that’s the point of mastery of both language and socialisation. Figuring out when it’s alright or even normal to break the rules.

Anyway, in terms of how the dream world has helped… I have an example from the sleep I just woke up from, so I thought I would point it out here.

(If you go to the thread, a :warning: content warning :warning: as I give context to the dream right after which starts hinting towards childhood abuse and negligence.)

I think my next steps from that are to do some ritual of letting go. I did that combo freezing spell and included this person – Harmony's Shield: A Freezer Spell for Conflict Resolution – but I think it’s time to just cut the cord. Be done. Totally “f-- it.” And it was the dream world that finally helped me realise this. :black_heart:


I quoted this to note this for myself as future reference, a great way to categorize something if it’s an addiction or not. Categorizing and compartmentalizing is my new thing now!

I didn’t think of it like that. When I do reading with my tools, my spiritual guide has me keep my phone in the other room, not near me. If I have the phone near me, my readings come out wonky. I didn’t ask why, just did it. This makes so much sense. It’s an extra step to do this, because when I have questions that’s on my phone, and I have to print or write it out, or go back and forth between rooms.

I have the similar sentiment. For many months now, when I go to bed, keep my cell phone out in the living room to charge over night while I sleep in my bedroom.

Just to throw this into the mix, a little off, but Black Tourmaline contains a high concentration of iron, it’s good to keep in your home and around electronics to absorb electro magnetic fields (EMF). The magnetic nature of iron pulls the electro magnetic frequencies towards itself.

lol, you proved your point super too!

With technology, more with computer programs. Yes, we have control over the choices we make, which door we choose as you put it. I, for sometime, wrongly attributed my social media scrolling with addiction. An addiction is as you hit nail on the head in few words causes stress when no longer use, and there is something I am very much addicted too, cause without it, it causes me a lot of stress and withdrawal. But when I don’t use social media, I don’t get stressed out. Just do something else. So I changed my assessment that social media scrolling isn’t an addiction, and I have more control over it. If it causes stress for someone not going on social media, then that is an addiction.


That’s great when your dream world comes through like that and helps. Wish and would love for more like this from the dream world.